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2015 – A Year of introspection

Source: 2015 – A Year of introspection

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2015 – A Year of introspection

Child praying causes miraclesIt’s been a while since my last article was posted and there are many reasons why this has been so. Since 2011 and when I first began posting on this  site I have been building towards a point where I could be consistent in myself and what I delivered.

My outer activities have increased as well as that which was being demanded from myself, (which also included my own personal lesson practises). In July 2012 I realised that in order to achieve my personal goals plus that which ‘A Course in Miracles’ was asking I would have to commit to daily practises of the principles in the Course.  I realised that this would be quite a committment and that it could not be taken lightly, it was one thing talking about the teachings and having an intellectual understanding, it was quite another actually putting them into practise consistently in daly life. As is stated often in the Course the requirement is to accept the ‘atonement’ and lesson for oneself.

Things intensified as I felt my ego becoming more challenged and resistant. During the end of 2014 I attended several ACIM retreats with the Living Miracles Community which proved to be pivitol events for me, however the straw that broke the camels back came in February when I hosted a retreat at my home which for me was so personal and intense, exposed all my weaknesses and plunged me deeper into myself denial than I’d ever consciously been willing to go before that it took months of introspection and healing with the Holy Spirit before my balance and confidence began to return.

Throughout 2015 I have been guided to the teachings of Regina Dawn Akers who taught about her own experiences, from Holy Spirit Guides, New Testament Interpretation and Inner Ramana, these spoke to me so personally and were direct answer to my own concerns that it seemed like another miracle was answering my prayer and need at the time.

Also during this period in January I discovered James Twyman’s ACIM Workbook lessons to music which enabled me to do the daily lessons which I had been avoiding. I enjoyed them so much I often felt inspired to record some of the lessons to music myself which has resulted in over forty recordings many of which I have turned into video format and posted on YouTube.

Most of 2015 has been a time of going within deepening my understanding of True healing of the mind through forgiveness of myself and others. I realised that to be truly peaceful, happy and fulfilled required a daily committment and level of determination which had been lacking, the Holy Spirit teachings encourages us to ask for and develop a Willingness and Trust for the True inner guidance that we all can learn to follow and to stop listening to the false guidance of the ego that has led to misery, suffering and disappointment.

I have learnt that it is a choice that we make from moment to moment and that the mind can and must eventually be trained to do this in order to be liberated, i.e. to watch your own thinking and through awareness change your mind about yourself and the world, as the Course says, ‘every problem is a perception problem’.

I will speak more about the ACIM principles and share other thoughts on the awakening process later but for now I thought I would give you a link to one of the videos I posted on YouTube. Each one has a message and was designed as an affirmation to music to help re-educate the mind, music has a feeling component to it and repetition is the way the sub-conscious mind learns, as this part of the mind is habitual.

This is the first recording I made and includedes the first seven lessons in the workbook which are the foundation of the teachings.

Lessons 1 to 7  Please enjoy and leave a comment if you like.


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Awaken to Love

Hi Everyone, The New Year has gone off with a bang & increasing momentum and as a result I am very happy to announce and invite you to the first in Wales a Retreat with Jenny Fagerstadt & Greg Donner of the Living Miracles Community.


Awaken to Love

with Messenger of Peace Jenny Fagerstedt

and Minister Greg Donner

 3-Day Retreat with Messengers of Peace Jenny Fagerstedt

and minister Greg Donner

Our Invitation

Jenny and Greg’s presence provides a loving and safe place for hearts to open and questions to be answered. They have been living the teachings of A Course in Miracles for several years and discovered the way of using forgiveness for an experience of spaciousness and ease in all relationships.


United Kingdom
Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
Pontycymmer Peace House

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 – Sun, 01 Feb 2015
Start time: 10:00 AM
End time: 12:00 PM

Cost: Suggested Donation: 150 pounds
Cost includes: Accommodation and meals (see below for details)

Day Attendees: £30

Venue address: 81a Oxford street, Pontycymmer, Bridgend, CF32 8DD

Driving directions:

We are 20 minutes from M4 junction 36. Head north for the Garw Valley, follow signs for Blaengarw, Llangeinor, Pontycymmer. We are next to Pontycymmer rugby club on Oxford Street.

Map: Click here to see a map

Contact person: Anthony Cocco
Phone: 01656 87241301656 872413 or 07871531662 (mobile)

Read more about our gatherings and retreats on and

 Contact info:,

Skype: genuinelight, Phone:  078-99 63 42 62

With Love,

Jenny & Greg

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Gratitude & Greetings for 2014


Hi Folks, Just a quick ‘Thank You’ to everyone who attended the ‘A Course in Miracles’ training and ‘Healing the Shadow’ workshops throughout 2014 and made it a great opportunity for Learning, Healing, Sharing and Shining.

All the events have been very well received and I have been asked to do the training once again in the New Year. (Details to be announced).

2014 has been a very busy year for me as well doing the events I attended two intensive ACIM retreats in October, one in Dorset on the 3rd till 5th and another in Dublin from 9th to the 16th.
I had a two day visit from Sarah St.Clair from the Living Miracles Community in November and then another 5 Day retreat in Cork, Ireland at Dan’s house with Jenny and Greg from Living Miracles in 11th -16th December.

I am considering a longer retreat in early 2015 either in Mexico or Mallorca as yet nothing has been finalised but I will make the announcement when I know for certain.

I will consider what to do next after this and see how I am guided and feel prompted, however I will be doing the usual ACIM course groups and I am still available for consultations.

Miracles are always available to us all it requires is that we ask, trust and become miracle minded.

Blessings and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!!!

*  *  *

A Course in Miracles Study Group
The next ACIM group meeting is on:

Wednesday 14th January 2015 from 1.30 to 3.30pm
and then on the 1st or 2nd Wedneday of each month throughout 2015.

This is in Porthcawl contact me for details.
There is no fee for participating however all donations are welcome! Please Contact me if you wish to attend as places are limited. See Contact details below.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) has been described as a mystical mind training and spiritual psychotherapy as well as being a path to liberation and enlightenment. It teaches the individual to differentiate between the ‘real’ which is natural and eternal and that which is ‘unreal’ and temporary.

If you wish to start ‘A Course in Miracles’ Study Group in your area I will be happy to help you get started, just email me with your details. (With Skype distance is no-longer a problem).

* * *

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Immersion into ‘A Course in Miracles’

The month of October has been an opportunity for me to immerse myself deeply into the teachings and principles of ‘A Course in Miracles’.

Pool Group_2014Firstly through the weekend retreat at Keshentos house in Poole where we experienced what it’s like to live in an ACIM community 24/7 and watch what arises in the mind for healing and forgiveness.
And again in an even more deep way at the 5 day Ireland Retreat with David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles Team. Where we experienced a deep immersion with approximately 30 participants, living and sharing everything from 7.30 in the morning to often well after 11.30 at night.

Everyone was assigned tasks which included working in the kitchen, my main tasks were assisting the seating arrangements in the library for the different events throughout the day and being part of the Tech team that filmed and made audio recordings of the talks.
(This also included whatever process I was going through myself).

A typical day (if there was such a thing) began after breakfast. There were four groups with a facilitator and we would have expression sessions which brought up issues and concerns of participants which formed the basis of the talks and set the patterns for the retreat.

The group facilitators would then describe the themes that came up in the sessions at the morning gathering with David and the other messengers. These sessions went on until lunch time usually around 1pm.
Lots of discussions went on at the dinner table however, and up until 3pm there were opportunities to rest, walk, perform tasks or have private sessions with one of the messengers.

From 3pm to 5 or 6pm there were other activities or talks, one such example was a talk, demonstration and exercise from the Mystical Mind Training programme that is offered by the Living Miracles Community which used clips from movies, self inquiry exercises and songs etc.

From 7pm to 11 or 11.30 there was usually a movie from the ‘Movie Watchers Guide to Enlightenment’ which uses movies as way to look at thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise for mind watching, releasing and forgiving, this is accompanied by a talk and explanation of what themes or issues to look for by David or one of the messengers.
The week was full on and intensive but it’s amazing how quickly one can adapt because everything is done for one purpose only, to heal the mind, remember your True Authentic Self and follow your Inner Guidance which knows what is truly best for you.

The process allows one to unravel from the attachments, restrictions and limitations of the ego so that you can begin to liberate yourself and live life in joy with your mighty companions who all want the same thing.
David Hoffmeister is one such individual and a living demonstration who has taken ACIM all the way and lives the teachings and principles completely.
It was my privilege and pleasure to be invited to sing a few songs at the end of my 5 days. Tony at Ireland Retreat 2014 You can listen to the closing songs on Youtube at:

All the talks can be listened to on Spreaker or you can find the Links on David Hoffmeisters Facebook page at:



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Healing the shadow

I am very pleased to announce that the first ‘Healing the shadow’ workshop at Sandville exceeded my expectation, It went beyond being an introduction and became a full on workshop that everyone who attended fully participated in, this pleases me no end and so now I look forward to the next one in August. I am also considering doing another in St.clairs, school, prayer centre, Porthcawl, as the facilities there are excellent.

*  *  *

eclipse1Introduction to Healing ‘The Shadow’ 
1 Day Workshop

Saturday  28th June at Sandville Centre, Ton Kenfig
Saturday 23rd August at Bridgend SNU Church, The Rhiw, Bridgend   
11 am  –  4pm

facilitated by Anthony Cocco

‘Healing The Shadow’ is about healing the inner wounded-ness and stepping into the light. Life is not about becoming something different than you already are. Most of us are afraid of letting go of who we ‘think’ we are. Life is about finding out that it’s safe to let go of what you’re not – of all the protective things you cling to that hold you back. You are already the magnificent being you are ‘becoming.’ The evolution is in your consciousness. Your learning the ‘truth’ is the crux of the transformational process called enlightenment. The difficulty comes in letting go of your limiting beliefs, so that you can be free to be who you truly are.

Suggested Donation £10 – 15 Half the proceeds to Sandville & Bridgend SNU Church.

Bring Your Own Lunch.

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The aim of ‘A Course in Miracles’

ACIM Quote nothing real...The aim of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is to remove the blocks and barriers to the awareness of Loves presence as your natural state and train the mind to remember it’s true nature and how to live in its natural state of ‘Oneness’, ‘harmony’ and ‘peace’!

This state is natural to every human soul and is therefore applicable to everyone who is born into this world and has been taught and conditioned out of this natural state and into accepting and believing that he is a separate individual who has to fit in and survive in a world of scarcity, lack and limitation.

This prevailing belief system we call the ‘ego’ is driven by fear and enforced by man-made laws, rules and controls and not by natural law or justice.

The ‘Source’ from which all has emerged however is in a state of ‘Oneness’ it is whole and complete, full, abundant and ever expansive it does not experience any separation, lack or loss of any kind, it alone is real, eternal, constant, everlasting and ever present in all things, it supplies all the energy and impetus for creation and manifestation and as the real source, everything is of its nature and likeness including mankind, this implies that man in order to be fulfilled must act and behave in harmony with his real nature or suffer the consequences.

Everything experienced in the world of form is temporary and transient and sooner or later must pass away and this is also true of all the thoughts and beliefs that we have in our minds eventually they must give way to ultimate truth.

ACIM tells us that this world is old, tired and worn out, it holds no reality and it never really satisfied because it is based in illusions, it is a dream world, the only thing that is ever real is that which is of love which is the essence of ‘Source’.

This is a world of duality which holds two diametrically opposite thought systems in mind, that of the ego which is the belief in separation from ‘Oneness’ and that of ‘Oneness’ where harmony, peace and the state of heaven exists.

At some point every human soul begins to wake up to this realization, he realizes that this world is full of empty promises, pain, disillusionment and disappointment. However having been well learned it is not so easy to give up and the individual needs help, this is what ACIM was provided for it is a course to gradually train the mind to unlearn all the false beliefs and habits of this world that do not bring happiness and re-learn and remember his natural state of being and inheritance as an unlimited being with a great potential and a real purpose to fulfil in life that leads to real happiness, joy, fulfilment and peace.

Many still live in fear and denial of the truth but this is not the plan of God for mankind, fear holds a strong influence over the ego conditioned mind, however it cannot endure when the light of truth dawns in the mind simply because it is false and has no reality, it has been learned and is only a belief and beliefs can and do change all the time, they naturally and easily fade and die when you withdraw your attention and investment in them, they are like waking from a bad dream and seen for what they really are ‘nothing at all’.

It then becomes possible to understand the statement in ‘ACIM’ that, ‘nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God’.

* * *

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Remember that you are Source Energy

Amazing Truth picEvery time you remember that you are Source Energy or the essence of God you are awake or enlightened. Every time you forget you are asleep again. If you consistently choose to remember that you are Source Energy you will have a ‘feeling’ that you are Source Energy and this will lead to a ‘knowing’ that you are Source Energy, this knowing is ‘self sustaining’ and then you are ‘One with God’ eternally. Simple!

This does not require great effort or will power it requires that you choose to remember consistently and persistently that you are Source Energy because this enables who and what you really are to naturally emerge, it is easier to be who you really are than you think, it is more difficult to stop the habit of thinking and believing what you are not, however when your mind is still and quite who you are is naturally present as You!

The appearance of form is nothing but condensed or contracted energy vibrating at different frequencies from slow or dense to fast and light, this gives the appearance (or illusion) of different forms and it seems that there are separate individuals however there cannot truly be a separation from the source within which all of this occurs. The belief in separation seems to give you the experience of separation only, but not the reality everything in life is part of and therefore dependant on source energy for its existence.

Condensed source energy in apparent forms acts like of point of focus or lens which enables conscious awareness to arise and this is how it seems that there are billions and billions of individuals, worlds, stars and galaxies etc.

Everything you experience is nothing but the conscious awareness of different frequencies of energy vibration in forms which gives you different sensations or feelings, you then attribute meaning to the forms and sensations  which becomes your ‘story’ about life, however these are just perceptions or your interpretations of these experiences and not ‘reality’ itself. When you realize or remember this you can let go of the stories, the dramas, and the fears and so on and rest in the knowing that you never really left your source you simply dreamed of separation.

Who you really are has never left God all you have to do is remember!!!


The Spirit of Christmas is ….

Jesus_light_of_the_worldWe have entered that time of year when nature has withdrawn, the nights are longer, the days or shorter and the weather is colder. The natural world sleeps or hibernates in preparation for the next cycle to begin.

It’s also a time traditionally when life slows down which gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and the one yet to come.  As activity in the outer world has lessened and inner activity increases we reflect, review, contemplate and meditate on our lives, our relationships, our gains and losses, our activities and our hopes and dreams for the future.

We have a natural tendency to do this as it gathers up our energies in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions and resolves, balances and brings a sense of clarity and completion to the past in the present and therefore sets up a fresh and new perspective for that which is yet to come, without carrying over any unresolved issues from the past.

This also occurs when we experience the transition called death and we undergo a life review it is a necessary part of moving on in life.

Sadly however in these busy modern times we live in we have forgotten or forsaken traditions such as these due to the pressure caused by the fast pace of life and demand for materialism, we are caught up in roles, rules, duties and expectations to conform and so Christmas which is a religious and spiritual festival loses it’s true meaning.

We have largely forgotten the celebration of the birth of Jesus as symbolically the one who brought the Christ Consciousness into the world and demonstrated the potential within every human soul and we are caught with the demand for buying presents we don’t need, we overindulge and try to keep up appearances. We watch endless T.V. while children play video games, wifi or text all day instead of having real communication, conversations and closeness, all of which has distracted us from the real meaning and message of  the Christmas.

It’s not that these things are wrong in themselves but collectively and in excess humanity has lost touch with an essential part of their own being and essence the spirit and Christ Consciousness within which is essential for mental, emotional, spiritual well-being and happiness.

A communion with the Christ consciousness, the Ascended and Angelic host bring us closer to God. These activities feed and nourish our souls and remind us that we are all spirit beings and sons and daughters of God having a temporary human experience and that some day we will return to the realm of ‘oneness’ and eternity.

The Christmas period is a time and opportunity to reconnect with spirit while nature resets; and as our bodies are made up of the elements of nature we also feel the need to be in alignment with the cycles and changes of the earth for these activities naturally bring us into alignment and closeness to spirit, they also promote health, happiness, well-being and prosperity.

Spirit comes forth to remind us to make more time for what is natural, instinctive and intuitive for they are gifts of the spirit and we neglect them at our peril.

We all want real happiness and fulfilment in our lives and the greatest gift we can give to our family, friends, community and the whole world is our True, happy, balanced, harmonious and peaceful Selves, because then we vibrate these qualities into the environment and world and this feeds and nourishes everyone because what this world needs more than anything is love, the love which comes from the heart of God through the hearts of his sons and daughters for this is the Gift which is more valuable than any trinket, the most valuable  gift you can give to the world is the miracle of the real loving Spirit, which is You!!!

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The root of all problems

Child & cosmos picYou may find it difficult to accept but every single perceived problem in the world can be traced back to the belief in separation from ‘Oneness’, prior to that you were naturally at one with all life.

This belief in separation created a belief system we call the ego, which is pre-occupied with survival, competition and control to get it’s perceived ‘needs’ met. In ‘Oneness’ there are no needs as all is given because all is in harmony and there is no competition.

The simple solution then to all perceived problems is to undo or unlearn the belief in separation and remember your True Authentic Self, this is what is taught by, ‘A Course in Miracles’.

If you wish to know more about the teachings of ‘A Course in Miracles’ or think it may be for you leave a comment with contact details at the bottom of this page.

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