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How to experience the ‘I Am’ presence

I have always been one to seek answers and solutions to the problems I have experienced in my life and this was always as a result of things not going the way I wanted, generally I experienced a lot of pain, heartache and suffering and that’s how I began my search for healing and meaning, this started me on my spiritual path.

I could see that there was a big disconnect between what I was learning and what was actually going on in mainstream life, the exception were in places like India or the far east that still values culture and spirituality. I began my process of unfoldment and disillusionment as I began learning in the ares of psychic awareness, philosophy, psychology and other healing practises.

I learned about patterns of behaviour in the subconscious mind and even deeper archetypal patterns in the unconscious area of the mind, this is the part that merges into the collective unconscious. The reason I began my own research was because I discovered negative patterns of behaviour in myself which manifested as self-sabotage.

I learned that human beings are complex multi-faceted individuals these facets play out as the many roles or personalities displayed throughout life. However at the very root of our being we share a common ‘oneness’ often referred to as the ‘I’, in sanskrit it is often called the atma or spirit, this is mostly forgotten and overlooked as most people are not properly educated about such matters and are conditioned by and preoccupied with the roles and necessities of every day life.

This ‘I am’ although simply present within all of us has many layers and depths from a superficial surface level to the deepest and most profound, one could even say it was ‘limitless’.

To begin to experience what’s below the surface of  the mind there a practise called ‘meditation’ where we can sit still to quiet the mind,  relax the body and focus our attention within as we do this we notice thoughts, images, inner dialogue, we hear sounds around us and we feel sensations of many types and varieties both pleasant and unpleasant, the deeper we relax and surrender to what ‘is’ we begin to notice that all these thoughts, feelings and sensations have the same basic characteristics, that is they all arise and pass away eventually, this is important to note as it is actual proof of the impermanence of life and this includes the roles and personalities or who we think we are, and that this ‘I am’ presence is the only real permanence.

As the sensations continue to arise and pass away we begin to experience a sense of expansion even the physical body begins to tingle or vibrate as it has the same basic principles and we realise that all we are experiencing is one form of energy or another (and this includes the physical body). We gain a realisation that we are not these impermanent things, it becomes clear that we are having an experience of them.

We can then change our perspective and identify with the ‘I am’ presence and notice it is not only present but omnipresent, at this point you have simply expanded your conscious awareness it’s nothing special or out of the ordinary it happens when you choose to focus your attention in this way, i.e. the truth is revealed and where your attention goes is where reality appears, it is also the point of power, creation and manifestation.

When you identify with your ‘I am’ presence you realise that it is the only real and permanent thing you have and will ever have and that it permeates every part of you, mind and body, you can focus your attention on any part of your body and it will respond to your attention with sensation, with practise these sensations can be interpreted and read, this is how your unconscious intelligence communicates constantly to you, it is even possible to receive images and specific details.

The deeper you go within the more your own internal Universe opens up to you, as you sit and observe you can experience a greater expansion, deeper awareness and a sense of ‘oneness’ as this energy of consciousness seems to merge ever deeper into this ocean of ‘oneness’ the only thing that prevents this is how far you are willing to surrender and go with the flow.

Sometimes this experience is bestowed on us as a form of grace, sometimes it happens after some deep trauma shakes us out of the normal state of consciousness; these are really blessings as for a short time you experience self-realisation or enlightenment, they are usually so profound that they are life altering in as much as your, outlook, consciousness, values and priorities change.

These experiences serve as sign posts to encourage you to practise re-creating them within you and show you  what is possible outside and beyond the normal range of perception. As you continue to practise going deeper and your perspective changes you see life differently, you have access to clarity, insights and wisdom about any aspect of your life that you put your attention on and from this greater perspective all your problems seem less significant.

A natural balancing of your mental, emotional and physical energies occurs creating space within your being; you experience peace and bliss, your senses and awareness become heightened and you begin to naturally re-evaluate what is really important and worthwhile.

At this level you have access to a much higher and finer intelligence, you can notice as you mind expands it naturally merges within universal intelligence and the flow of life within and without; insights into your own nature and make up are revealed and you can experience direct relationship between you, the Universe and God.

Ultimately that experience becomes so profound and you can merge so completely that you realise that ‘I and the Father are one’.

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Meditation Practices Workshops

Facilitator Anthony Cocco

Wednesday 22, 29th May & 5th June 2013

Starts 7pm till 9pm

Bridgend Spiritualist Church

 Meditation Pose 2

It’s a piece of advice yogis have given for thousands of years: ‘take a deep breath and relax, watch the tension melt from your body and all your niggling worries vanish’. Discover how Meditation can help you in your everyday lives, Spiritual progress, healing and mediumship.

Some Benefits of Deep Meditation:

Brings body, mind & spirit into harmony, Helps keep things in perspective, Provides peace of mind & happiness, Helps you discover your purpose, Increased compassion, Growing wisdom, Deeper understanding of yourself and others, Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation, Increased acceptance of oneself, Helps with forgiveness, Helps change attitude toward life, Creates a deeper relationship with your God,  Helps attain enlightenment.


Members £3.00 Non members £4.00 All Welcome!

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Insight survey

Dear friends,

I understand from my own experience and perspective how challenging life has been and the challenges I currently face, however I don’t always understand or appreciate it from other peoples points of view and so that I can better understand,  and serve the needs of others I would be grateful if you would answer the following questions

click on the Link Below .

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to participate in this survey your help and co-operation is greatly appreciated.


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Awareness versus Thinking

It has become very apparent to me that although many people  have at least a good understanding of the principles that we are  Spirit beings having a human experience and that within all of us are the powers and potentials to make and create of our lives and our world whatever we choose,  yet in every other sentence it seems apparent that we are unable to consistently live as if this were actually true.

The understanding and integration of this awareness holds the answers and solutions to every problem or challenge that we face.
The other obvious problem is that underneath everything we say we want there are counter intentions and resistance from our sub-conscious mind and a feeling that somehow we are not good enough or worthy enough.
I believe that this really is a defence against a greater fear and that is, that we really are  great, magnificent and  powerful creators  and that somehow we have to rise up to the challenge and responsibility of this fact, which means a great deal of change from what we have been conditioned to think, behave and believe.

This can sometimes seem overwhelming but the potential rewards on a personal and planetary level are very great.


Most of us are caught up in almost non – stop thinking, this manifests thought forms these travel through the body creating sensations, feelings and emotions, which the mind registers, this leads to either a like or dis-like reaction which often develops as craving or aversion.
Perception is projection and if not realised or expressed satisfactorily leads to frustration and contraction in the body eventually leading to tension, pain, pressure and stress.
We perceive this  pain (which is actually intensified sensation, and in reality is neither good nor bad, but in excess or out of balance  can certainly be very unpleasant even lead to dis-ease). This is ‘thinking,  creating and manifesting’ by default.


Awareness simply means being in the ‘now’ observing clearly without being caught up in or identifying with the thinking/feeling process but identifying with the ‘neutral observer within’.
True awareness has a sense of openness, expansion and freedom, and is unlimited in it’s potential, when fully experienced it is peaceful, blissful and has the quality of unconditional love.
It does not create tension as happens with thinking; it also allows that which has not been expressed to return to the source from whence it came, that is ‘Consciousness’ itself. Why you may ask?
This is because ‘all’ energy has to complete a circuit otherwise it builds up in the body and energy field until we are queite and still enough to go on a mental fast, and allow it to naturally return to the source.

It most beneficial to do a meditation practise such as Vippassana which teaches the individual to just observe the feelings and sensations as they arise and naturally pass away.

There are Vippassanna Meditation Centres around the world and a couple in the UK, just google to find the one nearest to you.

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Why Heaven on earth and Ascension is possible!

Posted by Anthony Cocco on January 8, 2012

I have a theory, when a soul passes over into the afterlife it undergoes a period of review and reflection on the life lived on the earth plane to review it’s progression and achievements, this process of introspection is akin to meditation, it is an opportunity for all parts of the mind, feelings and emotions to be cleansed, purified and restored to balance and harmony.

The daily practise of meditation (such as vipassanna) does the same thing and creates space within the individual for contact with the source of power, restoration and creativity; so why wait until you pass over into the afterlife, why not start now?

Most people are actually afraid of death, yet dying is no more terrible than falling asleep, in mysticsm sleep is referred to as the little death and we die daily,  it’s the thought of dying that actually frightens us. Change is also a form of death or rather transition and we change all the time.

A profound change is a form of death and rebirth while still in the current form and hence this is the reason why it is possible to have a transformation and an ascension experience while still in the physical body.

The earth plane is just another dimension of life, it is denser and takes longer for things to manifest but it is still made up of energy and vibrational freqencies which are responsive to thoughts and the same rules apply here as they do in all other dimensions and hence why it is possible to have heaven on earth.

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Do you have a grievance?

Posted by Anthony Cocco

bigstock_Money_5164563-150x150If you were to know, do you have a grievance against anyone, including yourself or even God? If you could be that brutally honest, then it’s a choice made by the ego for fear not love. The pride and anger felt is our justification for holding on to the grievance; and if it hurts it isn’t love, and only through awareness can it be changed, released, healed, transformed and the lesson learned.

When we become aware of our pain we can make a choice to either hold on to it, or have be healed and transformed with the help of Grace from God, our higher self, heaven, Angels or whichever form of grace appeals to us.

This process is at the heart of why we have chosen to be here, to learn the lesson of love, compassion and wisdom through choice and transformation. This enables our Divine gifts and potential to become manifested and thereby help transform our world.

Choosing grace and forgiveness enables us to transform our grievances into love and compassion by ‘feeling’ through it, accepting, taking full responsibility and ownership of it and with the help and power of grace  have it be released, transformed and resolved so we never have to repeat this particular problem again.

The grievance was a choice made by the ego and being held in the mind and body, the pain is a signal that something is wrong and needs attention, if ignored it can manifest as anger, aggression, pride or any number of negative tendencies all of which require energy to keep under control, under that we feel a sense of guilt which we don’t want to feel so we either try to ignore it by keeping busy or compensate for by doing good things, the problem with this is that we are doing the right things for the wrong reasons which becomes hard work so we become exhausted or burned out, which is exactly what we see in western society today.

Feeling is healing and transforming! You may have to cry many tears and if it hurts it isn’t love but an opportunity to transform the pain into love and compassion, using wisdom, choice and feeling.

In this process you can feel heartfelt gratitude as you emerge with a greater sense of clarity, joy, oneness, happiness and fulfillment, etc.

What you also have to be mindful of however is complacency! How can you take inspired action if you are in pain? The fact that you are in pain means there is a hidden or not so hidden judgment going on, even if we drive ourselves to take action to get what we want, inside we still feel undeserving and generate guilt which in turn sabotages that which we have achieved, or we do not feel a sense of satisfaction; unless it has been transformed within first.

Feeling the fear and doing it is not the same as feeling the pain and doing it anyway, we need to make a distinction here. The fear is pure feeling, whereas the pain is the ‘judgment’ that whatever we’re feeling is bad, this is what needs to be recognized, understood, accepted and forgiven if we are to be truly free of the problem.

In competition, at its root there is a belief in scarcity. Giving and receiving is a natural process of life as seen in nature, watch an animal, it accepts everything it needs and gives whatever is required within it’s nature and circumstances, it doesn’t concern itself with scarcity, this is a man made concept and if we see it in nature then it is our misperception, what nature is really doing is re-balancing for the progress of evolution, what man is doing is trying to control his environment out of his belief in scarcity, lack and fear or rather the misperception of fear, which is really a judgment and an act of the ego.

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Remember who you are!

Every human being is valuable no matter what kind of life we’ve had or what we’ve come to believe, it was conceived of by the God factor for a purpose and destiny, because it was conceived of by God it was made in the image and likeness of God, therefore it will never be satisfied with trinkets, trivia and trash. It has within it all the potentiality of divinity and nothing can deter it from eventually realising and fulfilling that potential no matter what obstacles are placed in it’s way.

Then remember the only real obstacle between you and what you truly want in life is you!
So ask yourself, ‘what do you want to truly fulfil your life? what will give value, meaning and satisfaction to your soul’? Clarity enables you to ‘see’ and ‘envision’ what you truly want especially now as we enter 2012.

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Is it Time for a Change?

Posted by Anthony Cocco

The human mind or ego which is primarily concerned with matters of the world and survival is a very fickle, unreliable and changeable thing for the most part. Part of us wants one thing another wants something else and so on, this makes us prone to moods and fancies. We are made up of pieces and therefore very rarely have ‘peace’.

Many of us ‘think’ we know what we want and that would be the normal things that life and society taught us was what we wanted and so this is what most of us settled for. We gave up our childhood dreams and did whatever we could to fit in and be accepted, this set up patterns which determined our expectations, beliefs and limitations about life.

Most people accept their lot in life and therefore settle for making the most of what they ‘think’ is available and do the best they can, after all we are  supposed to be happy, all our conditioning tells us so! Keep working, don’t rock the boat and you’ll receive your reward in heaven. (Maybe)

So we learn to dumb down that nagging voice and urge from within, the feelings of dis-satisfaction, disappointment, frustration, discomfort and ignore the pain signals in our bodies and we distract ourselves with busi-ness and all manner of habits and addictive behaviours to avoid feeling how bad we really feel, so we pretend and we role play and we’ve  done it for so long that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be our real authentic selves in fact we don’t even know who we ‘really’ are anymore we ‘think’ we know who we are and what we want however there is a world of difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘knowing’.

We experience fleeting moments of happiness and sensual satisfaction  but it never lasts so we end up constantly searching for the next moment of pleasure and relief and the next and so on leading to patterns of addictive behaviours and all this to get a ‘feeling’.

We only need to look at the world to see where all our beliefs, behaviours and conditioning has brought us, are we happy with our lot? Are we getting the results we expected or hoped for? Is there value and meaning? Or are we missing something? Is there some vital piece of information not given to us by mainstream education, media, society or institutions the knowing of which might change everything?

Could there be in fact a deeper fundamental Truth, meaning and purpose for our lives that emanates from within all of us, could it be trying to steer us in a certain direction? Could it be that presence we refer to as the soul or spirit and maybe there is some truth to the old religious philosophies that maybe there is something bigger than all of us which sustains, and maintains the whole Universe a vast intelligence which knows better than we do what would make us truly happy,  satisfied and fulfilled.

We always have a choice we can continue doing what we’ve always done and maybe get the results we used to get or begin to explore something different, maybe find new possibilities and potential.

It takes courage to go against the established grain because almost every part of you resists and tells you to stay with what you know and are familiar with including all your friends and family. However how reliable is familiarity, how stable is what you’ve always known and believed? Is it time for a change?

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Glad Tidings of Great Joy and Warm greetings

This is a new Blogpost and I intend to make regular entries. I hope that the information is useful for anyone wishing to understand more about the fabric of life, Healing and personal growth.


Wishing you an inspiring, prosperous and successful New Year

2011 has been another challenging year for many people and I include myself. It’s at times like this I remember that like the acorn I am breaking through my limiting shell so that I can grow into a mighty oak and like the oak tree I must be willing to let go of my shell.

Another analogy is that of the caterpillar which is destined to become a butterfly many are still trying to hold onto their caterpillar lives not realizing they meant to become butterflies and have a life of greater freedom and fulfillment.

The pain we experience is that of holding on to the familiar we must learn to have real trust and faith in the organizing intelligence that creates, maintains and sustains life, it knows better than we do because it created life, the natural laws and the patterns, rhythms and cycles that we take for granted.

So take some time out and give a thought to this intelligence whatever it means for you and have a prosperous vision for 2012.

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