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Is it Time for a Change?

on January 4, 2012

Posted by Anthony Cocco

The human mind or ego which is primarily concerned with matters of the world and survival is a very fickle, unreliable and changeable thing for the most part. Part of us wants one thing another wants something else and so on, this makes us prone to moods and fancies. We are made up of pieces and therefore very rarely have ‘peace’.

Many of us ‘think’ we know what we want and that would be the normal things that life and society taught us was what we wanted and so this is what most of us settled for. We gave up our childhood dreams and did whatever we could to fit in and be accepted, this set up patterns which determined our expectations, beliefs and limitations about life.

Most people accept their lot in life and therefore settle for making the most of what they ‘think’ is available and do the best they can, after all we are  supposed to be happy, all our conditioning tells us so! Keep working, don’t rock the boat and you’ll receive your reward in heaven. (Maybe)

So we learn to dumb down that nagging voice and urge from within, the feelings of dis-satisfaction, disappointment, frustration, discomfort and ignore the pain signals in our bodies and we distract ourselves with busi-ness and all manner of habits and addictive behaviours to avoid feeling how bad we really feel, so we pretend and we role play and we’ve  done it for so long that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be our real authentic selves in fact we don’t even know who we ‘really’ are anymore we ‘think’ we know who we are and what we want however there is a world of difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘knowing’.

We experience fleeting moments of happiness and sensual satisfaction  but it never lasts so we end up constantly searching for the next moment of pleasure and relief and the next and so on leading to patterns of addictive behaviours and all this to get a ‘feeling’.

We only need to look at the world to see where all our beliefs, behaviours and conditioning has brought us, are we happy with our lot? Are we getting the results we expected or hoped for? Is there value and meaning? Or are we missing something? Is there some vital piece of information not given to us by mainstream education, media, society or institutions the knowing of which might change everything?

Could there be in fact a deeper fundamental Truth, meaning and purpose for our lives that emanates from within all of us, could it be trying to steer us in a certain direction? Could it be that presence we refer to as the soul or spirit and maybe there is some truth to the old religious philosophies that maybe there is something bigger than all of us which sustains, and maintains the whole Universe a vast intelligence which knows better than we do what would make us truly happy,  satisfied and fulfilled.

We always have a choice we can continue doing what we’ve always done and maybe get the results we used to get or begin to explore something different, maybe find new possibilities and potential.

It takes courage to go against the established grain because almost every part of you resists and tells you to stay with what you know and are familiar with including all your friends and family. However how reliable is familiarity, how stable is what you’ve always known and believed? Is it time for a change?


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