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Do you have a grievance?

Posted by Anthony Cocco

bigstock_Money_5164563-150x150If you were to know, do you have a grievance against anyone, including yourself or even God? If you could be that brutally honest, then it’s a choice made by the ego for fear not love. The pride and anger felt is our justification for holding on to the grievance; and if it hurts it isn’t love, and only through awareness can it be changed, released, healed, transformed and the lesson learned.

When we become aware of our pain we can make a choice to either hold on to it, or have be healed and transformed with the help of Grace from God, our higher self, heaven, Angels or whichever form of grace appeals to us.

This process is at the heart of why we have chosen to be here, to learn the lesson of love, compassion and wisdom through choice and transformation. This enables our Divine gifts and potential to become manifested and thereby help transform our world.

Choosing grace and forgiveness enables us to transform our grievances into love and compassion by ‘feeling’ through it, accepting, taking full responsibility and ownership of it and with the help and power of grace  have it be released, transformed and resolved so we never have to repeat this particular problem again.

The grievance was a choice made by the ego and being held in the mind and body, the pain is a signal that something is wrong and needs attention, if ignored it can manifest as anger, aggression, pride or any number of negative tendencies all of which require energy to keep under control, under that we feel a sense of guilt which we don’t want to feel so we either try to ignore it by keeping busy or compensate for by doing good things, the problem with this is that we are doing the right things for the wrong reasons which becomes hard work so we become exhausted or burned out, which is exactly what we see in western society today.

Feeling is healing and transforming! You may have to cry many tears and if it hurts it isn’t love but an opportunity to transform the pain into love and compassion, using wisdom, choice and feeling.

In this process you can feel heartfelt gratitude as you emerge with a greater sense of clarity, joy, oneness, happiness and fulfillment, etc.

What you also have to be mindful of however is complacency! How can you take inspired action if you are in pain? The fact that you are in pain means there is a hidden or not so hidden judgment going on, even if we drive ourselves to take action to get what we want, inside we still feel undeserving and generate guilt which in turn sabotages that which we have achieved, or we do not feel a sense of satisfaction; unless it has been transformed within first.

Feeling the fear and doing it is not the same as feeling the pain and doing it anyway, we need to make a distinction here. The fear is pure feeling, whereas the pain is the ‘judgment’ that whatever we’re feeling is bad, this is what needs to be recognized, understood, accepted and forgiven if we are to be truly free of the problem.

In competition, at its root there is a belief in scarcity. Giving and receiving is a natural process of life as seen in nature, watch an animal, it accepts everything it needs and gives whatever is required within it’s nature and circumstances, it doesn’t concern itself with scarcity, this is a man made concept and if we see it in nature then it is our misperception, what nature is really doing is re-balancing for the progress of evolution, what man is doing is trying to control his environment out of his belief in scarcity, lack and fear or rather the misperception of fear, which is really a judgment and an act of the ego.

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Remember who you are!

Every human being is valuable no matter what kind of life we’ve had or what we’ve come to believe, it was conceived of by the God factor for a purpose and destiny, because it was conceived of by God it was made in the image and likeness of God, therefore it will never be satisfied with trinkets, trivia and trash. It has within it all the potentiality of divinity and nothing can deter it from eventually realising and fulfilling that potential no matter what obstacles are placed in it’s way.

Then remember the only real obstacle between you and what you truly want in life is you!
So ask yourself, ‘what do you want to truly fulfil your life? what will give value, meaning and satisfaction to your soul’? Clarity enables you to ‘see’ and ‘envision’ what you truly want especially now as we enter 2012.

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