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Why Heaven on earth and Ascension is possible!

on January 8, 2012
Posted by Anthony Cocco on January 8, 2012

I have a theory, when a soul passes over into the afterlife it undergoes a period of review and reflection on the life lived on the earth plane to review it’s progression and achievements, this process of introspection is akin to meditation, it is an opportunity for all parts of the mind, feelings and emotions to be cleansed, purified and restored to balance and harmony.

The daily practise of meditation (such as vipassanna) does the same thing and creates space within the individual for contact with the source of power, restoration and creativity; so why wait until you pass over into the afterlife, why not start now?

Most people are actually afraid of death, yet dying is no more terrible than falling asleep, in mysticsm sleep is referred to as the little death and we die daily,  it’s the thought of dying that actually frightens us. Change is also a form of death or rather transition and we change all the time.

A profound change is a form of death and rebirth while still in the current form and hence this is the reason why it is possible to have a transformation and an ascension experience while still in the physical body.

The earth plane is just another dimension of life, it is denser and takes longer for things to manifest but it is still made up of energy and vibrational freqencies which are responsive to thoughts and the same rules apply here as they do in all other dimensions and hence why it is possible to have heaven on earth.


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