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Awareness versus Thinking

It has become very apparent to me that although many people  have at least a good understanding of the principles that we are  Spirit beings having a human experience and that within all of us are the powers and potentials to make and create of our lives and our world whatever we choose,  yet in every other sentence it seems apparent that we are unable to consistently live as if this were actually true.

The understanding and integration of this awareness holds the answers and solutions to every problem or challenge that we face.
The other obvious problem is that underneath everything we say we want there are counter intentions and resistance from our sub-conscious mind and a feeling that somehow we are not good enough or worthy enough.
I believe that this really is a defence against a greater fear and that is, that we really are  great, magnificent and  powerful creators  and that somehow we have to rise up to the challenge and responsibility of this fact, which means a great deal of change from what we have been conditioned to think, behave and believe.

This can sometimes seem overwhelming but the potential rewards on a personal and planetary level are very great.


Most of us are caught up in almost non – stop thinking, this manifests thought forms these travel through the body creating sensations, feelings and emotions, which the mind registers, this leads to either a like or dis-like reaction which often develops as craving or aversion.
Perception is projection and if not realised or expressed satisfactorily leads to frustration and contraction in the body eventually leading to tension, pain, pressure and stress.
We perceive this  pain (which is actually intensified sensation, and in reality is neither good nor bad, but in excess or out of balance  can certainly be very unpleasant even lead to dis-ease). This is ‘thinking,  creating and manifesting’ by default.


Awareness simply means being in the ‘now’ observing clearly without being caught up in or identifying with the thinking/feeling process but identifying with the ‘neutral observer within’.
True awareness has a sense of openness, expansion and freedom, and is unlimited in it’s potential, when fully experienced it is peaceful, blissful and has the quality of unconditional love.
It does not create tension as happens with thinking; it also allows that which has not been expressed to return to the source from whence it came, that is ‘Consciousness’ itself. Why you may ask?
This is because ‘all’ energy has to complete a circuit otherwise it builds up in the body and energy field until we are queite and still enough to go on a mental fast, and allow it to naturally return to the source.

It most beneficial to do a meditation practise such as Vippassana which teaches the individual to just observe the feelings and sensations as they arise and naturally pass away.

There are Vippassanna Meditation Centres around the world and a couple in the UK, just google to find the one nearest to you.

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