Anthony Cocco – Personal Change, Growth & Healing

Meditation Practices Workshops

Facilitator Anthony Cocco

Wednesday 22, 29th May & 5th June 2013

Starts 7pm till 9pm

Bridgend Spiritualist Church

 Meditation Pose 2

It’s a piece of advice yogis have given for thousands of years: ‘take a deep breath and relax, watch the tension melt from your body and all your niggling worries vanish’. Discover how Meditation can help you in your everyday lives, Spiritual progress, healing and mediumship.

Some Benefits of Deep Meditation:

Brings body, mind & spirit into harmony, Helps keep things in perspective, Provides peace of mind & happiness, Helps you discover your purpose, Increased compassion, Growing wisdom, Deeper understanding of yourself and others, Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation, Increased acceptance of oneself, Helps with forgiveness, Helps change attitude toward life, Creates a deeper relationship with your God,  Helps attain enlightenment.


Members £3.00 Non members £4.00 All Welcome!

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