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How to experience the ‘I Am’ presence

I have always been one to seek answers and solutions to the problems I have experienced in my life and this was always as a result of things not going the way I wanted, generally I experienced a lot of pain, heartache and suffering and that’s how I began my search for healing and meaning, this started me on my spiritual path.

I could see that there was a big disconnect between what I was learning and what was actually going on in mainstream life, the exception were in places like India or the far east that still values culture and spirituality. I began my process of unfoldment and disillusionment as I began learning in the ares of psychic awareness, philosophy, psychology and other healing practises.

I learned about patterns of behaviour in the subconscious mind and even deeper archetypal patterns in the unconscious area of the mind, this is the part that merges into the collective unconscious. The reason I began my own research was because I discovered negative patterns of behaviour in myself which manifested as self-sabotage.

I learned that human beings are complex multi-faceted individuals these facets play out as the many roles or personalities displayed throughout life. However at the very root of our being we share a common ‘oneness’ often referred to as the ‘I’, in sanskrit it is often called the atma or spirit, this is mostly forgotten and overlooked as most people are not properly educated about such matters and are conditioned by and preoccupied with the roles and necessities of every day life.

This ‘I am’ although simply present within all of us has many layers and depths from a superficial surface level to the deepest and most profound, one could even say it was ‘limitless’.

To begin to experience what’s below the surface of  the mind there a practise called ‘meditation’ where we can sit still to quiet the mind,  relax the body and focus our attention within as we do this we notice thoughts, images, inner dialogue, we hear sounds around us and we feel sensations of many types and varieties both pleasant and unpleasant, the deeper we relax and surrender to what ‘is’ we begin to notice that all these thoughts, feelings and sensations have the same basic characteristics, that is they all arise and pass away eventually, this is important to note as it is actual proof of the impermanence of life and this includes the roles and personalities or who we think we are, and that this ‘I am’ presence is the only real permanence.

As the sensations continue to arise and pass away we begin to experience a sense of expansion even the physical body begins to tingle or vibrate as it has the same basic principles and we realise that all we are experiencing is one form of energy or another (and this includes the physical body). We gain a realisation that we are not these impermanent things, it becomes clear that we are having an experience of them.

We can then change our perspective and identify with the ‘I am’ presence and notice it is not only present but omnipresent, at this point you have simply expanded your conscious awareness it’s nothing special or out of the ordinary it happens when you choose to focus your attention in this way, i.e. the truth is revealed and where your attention goes is where reality appears, it is also the point of power, creation and manifestation.

When you identify with your ‘I am’ presence you realise that it is the only real and permanent thing you have and will ever have and that it permeates every part of you, mind and body, you can focus your attention on any part of your body and it will respond to your attention with sensation, with practise these sensations can be interpreted and read, this is how your unconscious intelligence communicates constantly to you, it is even possible to receive images and specific details.

The deeper you go within the more your own internal Universe opens up to you, as you sit and observe you can experience a greater expansion, deeper awareness and a sense of ‘oneness’ as this energy of consciousness seems to merge ever deeper into this ocean of ‘oneness’ the only thing that prevents this is how far you are willing to surrender and go with the flow.

Sometimes this experience is bestowed on us as a form of grace, sometimes it happens after some deep trauma shakes us out of the normal state of consciousness; these are really blessings as for a short time you experience self-realisation or enlightenment, they are usually so profound that they are life altering in as much as your, outlook, consciousness, values and priorities change.

These experiences serve as sign posts to encourage you to practise re-creating them within you and show you  what is possible outside and beyond the normal range of perception. As you continue to practise going deeper and your perspective changes you see life differently, you have access to clarity, insights and wisdom about any aspect of your life that you put your attention on and from this greater perspective all your problems seem less significant.

A natural balancing of your mental, emotional and physical energies occurs creating space within your being; you experience peace and bliss, your senses and awareness become heightened and you begin to naturally re-evaluate what is really important and worthwhile.

At this level you have access to a much higher and finer intelligence, you can notice as you mind expands it naturally merges within universal intelligence and the flow of life within and without; insights into your own nature and make up are revealed and you can experience direct relationship between you, the Universe and God.

Ultimately that experience becomes so profound and you can merge so completely that you realise that ‘I and the Father are one’.

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