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My 5 Areas for Client Centred Healing & Development

1st aid for the SoulWe all have difficulties in life from time to time it’s not possible these days to go through challenges without help and advise there’s just too much to do and not enough time, energy or resources and no man is an island.

There are however talents, abilities and inner resources that we have yet to tap into that can make our lives truly wonderful, satisfying and fulfilling but it requires that we change our outlook, attitude and most of our long-held beliefs about what we ‘think’ about life.

It’s becoming clear that many of the old ways no longer work and as Einstein said, ‘the level of thinking that created the problem will not solve it,’ it requires looking beyond our current limited thinking for new opportunities, possibilities and potential. Mankind has infinite capacity to learn, grow and develop.

There 5 areas that I work on with clients to optimize all areas of their life and they are as follows.

1. (Past) Clearing/Healing ‘past’ blockages and issues that come up for review which are ready for release.

2. (Current) Developing Knowledge and understanding, as a resource to handle and manage current life issues in;

  • relationships,
  • health,
  • work,
  • finance,
  • thoughts,
  • feelings
  • emotions

3.  (Spiritual) Awakening True Self,

  • learning and developing understanding to handle increased awareness
  • increased sensitivity, to maintain a sense of balance and sustainability
  • Develop trust, faith and confidence in the process

4. (Vision) Develop a vision and strategy for;

  • what you want in your life
  • your soul purpose
  • Fulfil your soul promise

5. Develop Daily practises, exercises and programmes to be able to develop, maintain and sustain growth while living a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Click on the link to contact me with your enquiry details if you wish to contact me  to make an appointment to discuss coaching for any problems or issues you would like help with. Or leave a comment with your enquiry below.

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See past your problems

worriedOne of the biggest problems in our lives is that we don’t see opportunities all around us when we are focused on our problems. We are conditioned to view them as being outside of us and it being done to us, this is the blame mentality which at its worst causes us to persecute and make scapegoats; these are the unfortunate ones that we dump our accumulation of negative emotional energy on.

Sadly mankind is not taught how to understand and manage emotions or even understand the real source of problems, man does not recognise that situations externally do not create his problems but merely reflect back to him his own projections, his reactions are a response to the ‘meaning’ associated to an experience and not the action itself.

If this was properly understood every problem could be viewed as an opportunity to heal or release some issue that has comes up for review and then release the energy which was used to hold the negative emotion at bay.

The tools we can employ to achieve this are acceptance of self and others, forgiveness, letting go and Truth, this will set us free to move forward. The more we use these principles the more our confidence and trust in the process of life increases, we are moved on to a positive arc of growth and progression instead of being stuck in a negative state of deterioration.

As we do this more and more we are transformed and transcended and the True Beings that we are naturally emerge.

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Take Action

to-do-list-image-i-likeIf you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried all sorts of things, and still looking for better  results. Or you’re already trying something now and feeling the old patterns coming up.
These are consciousness thresholds, and in spite of our best efforts and intentions, we just end up going around the same loop in those old limiting patterns, never making much real progress with the same old reasons and excuses coming up:

‘I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough support, I don’t have enough knowledge, I don’t have enough energy, etc, etc’…

That’s where having a coach, mentor, or some other method of keeping you on track no matter what comes in really handy.

We all need support from time to time I know how challenging it is with so many pressures and distractions that’s why I want to help people help themselves and in turn help others.

The more we release limiting patterns, change and transform for the better the more we begin to see the results show up in our lives and in the world.

If you would like coaching, help, healing or advise contact me to see what arrangements will suite you best.

You have to take action and remember, whatever is missing is what you’re not giving because YOU are the source of everything you’re looking for ‘out there’, it’s already within you trying to emerge like the ‘oak’ within the acorn.

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Invest in YOURSELF

The best investment you’ll ever make is in YOU, your authentic self. You already have all the answers, solutions and potential to fulfil your life, you just have to unfold and realize your true potential.

The most challenging and rewarding journey you’ll ever make is to YOURSELF. Without belief and investment in your true authentic self very little of real value and substance is really accomplished.

Without human, moral and ethical values life is empty and meaningless. Love, Truth, Peace and Right conduct are the cornerstones of a happy and fulfilling life.

There is a subtle but significant difference between acting out of fear (or ego) or out of love, every choice we make is an opportunity for one or the other. We act either from love of self (ego) or from love of truth, goodness and oneness.

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