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Ch.. ch.. ch.. changes

ImageIt seems more apparent than ever that we are all going through ‘changes’ both individually and collectively and for those of us who find it difficult or resist change it can be a very challenging, uncomfortable even quite frightening experience especially if we do not know what is happening or why! This is why discernment and the right knowledge and information is important.

The best analogy I have found is that of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly it is a natural process that happens when the moment arrives and for the planet and all the life forms on it including mankind that moment has arrived.

There is plenty of evidence that this is happening everywhere in all aspects of our lives. For many the changes are welcome for they are viewed as opportunities to change many things in our world that do not serve the highest good of all, of which I’m not going into detail as they are now becoming more obvious even to many mainstream observers.

For those who are unaware and cling to the caterpillar life they may find it a very difficult and an unwelcome experience at best.

Change and transformation are a natural part of life humanity has reached that point in it’s evolution and it is time to awaken to the realization of ‘who’ and ‘what’ we really are and with this comes an awareness of greater possibilities and the opportunity to live more joyful, satisfying and fulfilling lives if we welcome and embrace the new opportunity that change offers.

Many of the changes we will not be able to achieve alone it will require collective efforts and we will have to learn to work more closely and co-operate together this will require that we give up some behaviours and attitudes that may prevent this.

We will also be required to clean up our sub-conscious and unconscious patterns as they will start moving up into conscious awareness, this is where help, support and group work may become necessary for many if not all. This is because we are all mirrors for each other and reflect back to each other the hidden patterns, behaviours and beliefs that we cannot see in ourselves.

As we remove the obstacles the butterfly consciousness naturally emerges through the law of emergence.

Life itself is revealing to us naturally what works and what does not through the law of cause and effect in this way we learn to make better choices for ourselves and with others in mind.

Mankind is being challenged to become more mature and responsible for his/her own thoughts, words and actions, for himself and for the community and society that he lives in, we are being asked to do this because many of the old attitudes, behaviours and beliefs do not serve the whole responsibly and many still suffer needlessly.

This means giving up the caterpillar perspective and embracing the greater vision, potential and freedom of the butterfly.

Anyone interested in Astrology will know that the planets are displaying many unusual conjunctions and influences at this time and as the outer life is a mirror of what is happening within it can help to indicate what is happening to us individually and collectively and therefore can provide valuable insight and guidance for many.     There is a very good video on this and I have included a link below on youtube for anyone who wishes to use this as a possible resource. It’s called, ‘The Astrology of May 2012 – for Everyone’ at:

Remember we are all in this together so there is no need to struggle alone seek out those individuals you resonate with but make sure they have a butterfly perspective and remember to ask for help from your higher self or whatever you connect with for guidance and inspiration in this way you can navigate the often confusing changes with least resistance grace and ease.

As always if I can assist you can contact me through my links. Until next be happy and don’t believe everything you think.

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