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Love is the Answer

The most challenging thing I’ve ever done in this life has been to learn to love myself. When I am able too everything takes on a new meaning. The experience of life when expressed through a heart filled with love is a blessing in itself. I have found that love is the one thing I have wanted more than anything else and yet it is the one thing that frightens me the most because to have love and then lose it is such a painful experience, so we avoid it while spending our whole lives looking for it in one way or another.

It takes real courage to be open enough to receive love because it is surrounded by our defensive strategies to keep us from getting hurt, because of lost bonding as we grew up, and where we lost bonding we also have negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger and remorse and none of us wants to experience these feelings so we bury them and try to compensate for the lack of love we feel by acting out different roles like good citizens, parents, hard workers etc, however they are all compensations and never truly satisfy, fulfil or release us from the bad feelings and emptiness we feel inside.

The biggest separation we feel and which carries the most hidden guilt is the separation from God, we act this out in our lives as lost bonding with parents, siblings, not truly showing up in life, and as fear of intimacy for this brings up the feelings we have hidden from ourselves and others and then we project them out into the world and we see them acted out by the people around us.

And so for me the journey back to love has been an awakening and a remembering that love is our true nature, it is at the core of our being and everything else is an illusion or an expression of love in one form or another.
We have never really been separated from God or each other it’s an impossibility for we have all emerged from the same ‘Oneness’ however we can believe in our minds that we are separate and life then appears as if this is true for us.

Self realization is the ability to wake up from the dream of separation and see through the illusion and delusion, we remember and experience our ‘God-ness’ and our natural inherent love, compassion, joy and happiness, when we remember who and what we really are life takes on a completely different perspective and our daily practice becomes one of removing more layers of illusion and the re-integration of all the parts of us we have denied, lost or separated from, this is what it means to be a Shepard of men first you recover all your lost parts then you can be of real service to the world by assisting others to awaken and Shepard them back to God, and ‘oneness’ within themselves. In this way the world becomes transformed and we transcend all the illusions, limitations and become liberated.

It’s the sense of separation from God and our true self that causes us to experience suffering, pain and misery; these however are messages from our self to our self that something is wrong, out of alignment with truth and out of sync with reality.
The rest of creation works in harmony and follows it’s inherent nature, only man with his ability to reason, the development of his ego and the ability to manipulate his environment has lost sight of that which is his natural birthright and also the real source of happiness and fulfilment.

However like the prodigal son when we do awaken, open our hearts and make love our number one priority in life then joy, happiness, fulfilment, peace bliss and goodness are the natural outcome and we experience heaven on earth, we have to create it first within ourselves, our own microcosm before it can show up in the world, this is why it say’s in many philosophies, ‘man know thyself’ and that ‘man is made in the image and likeness of God’. So seek and you shall find, knock and the door is open unto you, ask and you shall receive. This is the promise of God, it’s a reality not just poetic language, when we give up our attachments to the illusions and delusions we have access to unlimited blessings and potential, and as we experience this awakening more and more fully we bless the world by our presence and the love we express from our natural state of being.

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