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Reality versus Potential Reality

Buddha in SpaceOne of the most challenging things I find to reconcile is the image and notion I have in my mind for the way I see and imagine how my life and the world could be and the way it actually is!

I have what I imagine to be ideal scenarios and images of people loving and supporting each other with ease and grace, and everyone having everything they require, being, doing and expressing their innate qualities and natural potential.

I see no problem with this being a possibility except for the lack of vision, understanding and willingness to make it a reality.

However I am aware that there is an enormous disconnect between the potential I can visualise and what is actually going, in my personal life and the world at large.

This has been (and still is sometimes) a source of frustration, disappointment, anger and disillusionment, this was especially so when I was younger, more enthusiastic and energetic when I first became awakened to Spirituality, Philosophy and the great potential I learned that existed within every human being and the inherent beauty that exists in everything!

And yet the world seems to reflect mainly the opposite of this inherent beauty and potential, in the world of humanity there is poverty, stress, misery and much suffering which to me seems unnecessary.

As a child I remember often being baffled by many of the behaviours of the adults around me, they seemed to lack comman sense, made great dramas over the smallest things and seemed unable or unwilling to overcome their problems.

As I grew older I too began to act and respond in the way that I had learned and forgot my simple naivety in order to fit in, gain approval and be accepted, however I also began to realise that no matter what I did it was never enough and I continued to experience pain and disappointment until I believed that this was just the way it was, life had lost any meaning, magic or purpose and I ended up going through the motions and doing what was expected of me.

However something inside me never completely became silent or would lie still, restless and agitated I looked for ways to fulfil myself with different activities and things but nothing worked I just could not settle and fit in, much to the annoyance of those around me who constantly tried to convince me to be normal and not rock the boat.

Things came to a head when I discovered Spirituality and Philosophy, I separated and went through a very painful divorce, this was a time of extreme highs and lows, I often felt like I was going crazy, I had many fears, doubts and insecurities, my world and identity as I new it fell apart as I pushed and challenged the boundaries of my physical, mental and emotional confines and limitations.

I spent many hours, days and weeks going within for answers, guidance and satisfaction; I was taught that, that was where all the answers would be found, although I didn’t understand what it really meant at the time.

Eventually I found the state that provided the peace that I was craving and for a while nothing mattered, I was completely content.

I had realizations, awakenings and I remembered who and what I was; the world around me seemed to dissolve and I saw through the illusion, I also found the voice of God talking to me, around the same time Neale Donald Walshe released the first book, ‘Conversations with God’ this helped me with my own doubting, critical mind.

I also discovered my darker side and many of the barriers in my own mind and psyche which prevented me from consistently dwelling in this place of supreme peace, and oneness, my own inner sanctuary.

However once tasted I wanted more of it, every day, for it gave me peace from the turmoil of a world that seemed increasingly alien and at odds with the reality I had discovered, and so I began to search for practises to maintain this state of well-being (called, ‘sath chit annanda’ in sanskrit, or ‘being, awareness, bliss’) and releasing the patterns of distractions, thinking, believing and behaving that had become habitual and prevented me from maintaining and sustaining this natural state of being.

Once I’d practised enough to be able to maintain a ‘sense’ of this state and developed a vision for what was possible there arose a desire to make it manifest in my life and the world in general, however I was aware that there was a huge gulf between the two polarities of the world as it existed and what it could be, my task was to close the gap within myself first and eventually this would begin to reflect in my own life and then my environment.

My life and perspective was undergoing a complete transformation which would lead to transcendence and I was living it, not just reading about it!

I came to the understanding that the way we were currently living our lives was out of alignment with nature and the plan of evolution as had been stated over and over again for millennia by the ‘ascended masters’ and yet we seemed unwilling or unable to change.

This continued to baffle me until I moved from Philosophy to Psychology and made ernest enquiry into the hidden patterns of the sub-conscious mind and that part more commonly known as the ‘ego’ to uncover the conditioned patterns of resistance and self-sabotage. Here I found many solutions, later I learned NLP techniques which helped me become more effective and efficient in healing, releasing or changing negative patterns.

However I have found that the greatest, most profound and lasting healing or change came about through Grace and by having real faith and trust in the unseen power and intelligence of the Universe.

This power and intelligence seems to have a plan of progression for ‘all’ of us and is guiding and steering all of life towards the unfoldment and betterment of the conditions and environment within and around all things.

The inherent nature of all things is perfection, the immaculate conception of life by God is perfect, however there is plenty of scope to increase the levels of expression of this innate and inherent perfection in all areas and arenas of life and that is what evolution is about, this is the game we all partake of as co-creators with God, it is guiding us to happier and more fulfilling states of being and expression.

We all have an indomitable spirit which seems to have a limitless ability to manifest through infinite potential, it is adaptable and provides solutions to any problem big or small (which we sometimes perceive as miracles), however as our understanding grows we begin to realize that these are the workings of natural laws and that there is much yet that we do not understand about who and what we really are and what we are truly capable of.

The trials and tribulations we experience in our every day lives are intended to teach us how to use these greater powers and potentials wisely and responsibly, they have to be earned and we have to prove ourselves worthy of such potential by graduating through each phase of learning and conditioning by the path assigned by God and not get sidetracked by the limitations of the human ego.

It is necessary for all mankind therefore to learn to be responsible for every aspect of their lives through, by personal learning and understanding, wisdom, love, compassion and all the human and spiritual values so that each earns the right to these gifts and then be in a position to take their rightful place as a true son of God.

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