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Sport and Human Potential

Like many people I have been watching the Olympic games and during interviews with the sportsmen and women the same theme keeps being expressed that is of the amount of hard work, dedication, commitment, sacrifice and support that has been required to reach whatever level of success gained, many talked about having to overcome doubts, insecurities, hardships and injuries as well as the effects their training had on their families, friends and social lives.

Every single athlete whether they won or lost has had to endure a struggle within themselves and whatever situation they found themselves in, this is true of able bodied and disabled athletes, all had mental, physical and emotional challenges to overcome.

The games themselves appear to reflect life itself and the struggle to overcome obstacles in order achieve a desired goal.

What is also apparent is the psychology involved and the preparations each one goes through, how they handle the pressures of both success and failure and being in the spotlight for all to see, the human drama played out in front of millions across the world.

It seems for many that failure is easier to handle than success, for those who are successful have so much attention heaped on them, this was evident in athletes that had high expectations due to past achievements or young athletes demonstrating high potential, each one has to handle pressure in their own way, some shine in the light others shy away from it, the ones who seem to handle it best and go on to perform at higher levels are those who had the best support, encouragement and paid the most attention to detail which made the marginal differences between winning and losing.

Even though most do not receive a medal nevertheless they continue to strive to express the human potential within, the best they can hope for is to attain a personal best or the satisfaction of knowing they did their best.

The other remarkable thing is how world records keep being broken and new standards acheived when it seemed impossible, if this isn’t an indication of limitless human potential and how amazing human beings are what is?

These sportsmen show us that nothing is impossible, just imagine what could happen if we applied the same model of dedication and attitude demonstrated by sportsmen to our lives! Sport at the highest level shows how working together for a common goal in the right spirit and camaraderie enables us to overcome all challenges and achieve remarkable things especially when it’s done for the love of it.

If we love life, support and encourage each other, give of our skills, gifts and talents as is demonstrated in sports imagine how much better life would be! The model is being demonstrated in front of us, so why don’t we adopt it and use it in our everyday lives?

Yes it’s true that many already work very hard and are dedicated to what they do and overcome many difficulties so why are there still so many unresolved issues?

Maybe it’s because there are also ‘cheats’ in life as there are in sport, many sports cheats however have paid their penalties, admitted their dishonesty and have been allowed back into their sport, the truthful ones are forgiven, (for to err is human but to forgive is divine) they realized that they only really cheated themselves, they had to live with the ‘lie’ which festered like a dis-ease inside of them and only the light of openness and truth could absolve them of their guilt and after all who among us has never done something we felt embarrassed or ashamed of?

There seems to a drive in mankind to express it’s innate potential, it keeps us striving to produce better and better results, this is what makes human beings so remarkable and worthy, this ability to endure against all odds and bring out the very best within us, no other creature  does this or can do it.

We see it demonstrated in front of our eyes by our athletes and we marvel at their achievements and our youngsters are inspired to emulate their heroes.

I believe we can learn from our sports heroes and all their supporting team if we adopt this model with honesty and sincerity then success can and will be attained in a spirit of honour, respect and mutual admiration.

We can learn to skilfully navigate the highs and lows of life and build the strength, character and skills to go from strength to strength and ‘all’ can benefit not just the few, this is possible we just need to be willing!

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Expansion from humanness into divineness

As you become more and more aware of your ‘true’ self and expand your understanding you evolve from ordinary human consciousness to divine consciousness as part of a natural ascension process.

Through conscious expansion you gradually become aware of your omnipresence (present in all places) within your mind, body and energy field, and the extent you have within the outer field of consciousness and energy.

You realize you have access to the power and knowledge within the field internally and externally, this enables you to understand how omniscience is possible, (all knowing).

As you continue to expand conscious awareness and understanding you realize that you can influence this field and therefore develop omnipotence, (all powerful).

These are the qualities and abilities demonstrated by an ascended master and with them comes great personal responsibility.


Less is More

Less fear – more love

Less thoughts – more inspiration

Less talk – more action

Less worry – more enjoyment

Less struggle – more ease

Less anxiety – more willingness

Less attachment – more flow

Less distraction – more focus

Less concern – more happiness

Remember, Relax, Re-Focus – Result


Re-interpreting Fear and Pain

Fear can be changed to excitement and pain can be changed to solidified sensation. Accepting and allowing yourself to experience both without judgement or resistance enables them to move, arise and pass away, i.e. remove the story attached to them and remove the resistance. This enables you live in the ‘flow’ of life instead of trying to hold onto familiarity  and perceived security!

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A Definition of Spirituality

Spirituality is the foundation upon which life proceeds! Spirituality is a ‘word’ it has nothing to do with man-made religions although there is a relationship at a fundamental level which when correctly understood and practised leads to true spirituality.  It is a meta-scientific term to describe a process of life that exists. Spirituality is a state that life aspires towards  for its own progress.

Life as we understand it is a process of change and evolution in which we pass through stages which requires that we learn, change, adapt and add our unique essence, we also grow in awareness and understanding through action, interaction and experience. It has often been likened to going on a journey in which we never quite know what to expect until we arrive at each point,  so there is always an element of mystery involved.

In the process of Universal life journeying intelligence has evolved, awareness has come into being and from a state of  ‘oneness’ has emerged ‘other’;  it is the constant inter-action between one and other (action and re-action) that has enabled Consciousness and then awareness to arise.

Life is nothing but formless energy constantly coming in and out of form through the influence  or desire of consciousness to manifest, the apparent stabilising or lasting effect of form being caused by habitual movement or repetition this gives the illusion of perminance but is in fact in a state of constant change which continues until the consciousness in it diminishes in favour of some other desire to manifest or create and then dissolution occurs.
The most stable forms are the Universal and Natural Laws, they create the framework and therefore the limitations within which life can form, operate and proceed, they are  the least affected by influences within the Universe and are slow to change.

Mankind as a ‘concept’ of creation is subject to Universal and natural laws whether he is aware of it or not and is therefore conditioned and controlled by them until he evolves his consciousness beyond the need to be conditioned, when this arises he will have achieved the purpose for which he was conceived by the Central Universal Entity called God or the Logos.

Copyright 2012 Anthony Cocco. All Rights Reserved.

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