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What’s it all about, anyway?

I was having a conversation with my sister about how to move my work forward and find easier ways for people to understand what I do so that it could reach more people; she proceeded to give me a lot of advice about what I should do based on her understanding.

She also expressed that what I wrote on the internet made me sound wacky and it was difficult for the average person to comprehend; in her opinion I should state more simply what I do and give people what they want.

I wish it were that simple to explain many years of experience outside of the mainstream, researching, training and seeking after truth in spirituality, philosophy, healing and psychology; finally I had to just say to her that it’s simply the same as all the mystics have always done and that in actuality it is to achieve ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘Self-Realization’ and all the latent possibilities and potential that this entails.

For me I said, it’s not about just doing something to earn a living, it’s more like a way of life, a vocation even a mission, why? Because it’s what I want to do, it’s how I see and experience value, purpose, meaning and contribution, even if people don’t get me and I don’t seem to fit in with the norm.

So how does one put it all into a nutshell that would appeal to people in general, well quite honestly you don’t because it does not appeal to most people, unless there is a natural curiosity an inclination, or something happens in their life that forces them to look for alternatives, such as disillusionment, dis-satisfaction, a traumatic experience, health problems, breakdowns, breakups etc, in which case they have a choice to either soldier on as best they can and suffer or look for solutions outside of their normal range of experience.

One of the first major problems that most people are confronted with however is resistance to change, people in general have accepted their conditioning, which is wrapped up in their beliefs and value systems, and then there is the fear of the unknown!

Mainstream life is predominantly materialistic and filled with images, distractions and activities filled with empty promises that usually are short lived, however for those who have all the trappings of status or have a desire to acquire them they will not perceive or desire anything else, this is their promised land. However many others are beginning to discover, as I did that life often does not live up to expectations, there is not a happy ever after and that every acquisition comes with a price and that the price appears to be going up!

It is natural for people to try to hold on to what they know; it’s familiar even if it’s uncomfortable, as the saying goes, ‘better the devil you know’, and ‘don’t rock the boat’. Well what if the boat is the Titanic and many are just caught up trying to rearrange the deck chairs after we’ve already hit an iceberg? What if there are deeper fundamental issues that need addressing with the light of truth and honest self enquiry? What if many of the methods, attitudes and beliefs we’ve held were wrong?

This is the issue facing all of us, as Albert Einstein famously quoted, ‘it is not possible to resolve a problem using the same level of thinking that created it’; we have to look beyond what we currently know for answers and solutions. Many of which have always existed for many thousands of years within ancient philosophy, such as the Vedas and Tibetan Buddhism, even in the west there are Esoteric traditions that answer many of the self inflicted problems we face.

What seems to be lacking is the ‘will’ to change, however we are now being confronted with the ‘need’ to change; It seems to me that there is already a plan in evolution that points us in a certain direction, to our own natures and to our own purpose, happiness and fulfillment.

The human ego has had it’s way for a very long time and taken us away from the natural into an artificial way of life, nature however has a habit of reasserting itself, it also points to a greater intelligence at work in the back ground, many people call this God, one of the things we may also need to redefine is our beliefs and attitude about this Universal intelligence so that we have a better understanding and a realignment with it’s concept for creation.

I believe that a return to true education in human and spiritual values will happen out of necessity; we will need to learn new skills and better ways to communicate our real needs that include rather exclude.

It’s becoming pretty obvious to many that the way we have been doing things does not lead to happiness and that change is necessary whether we like it or not.

The question is will it be sooner or later?

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Five Practises for Easy Enlightenment – A faster path for everyone

For those of you who are interested in enlightenment I came across these five practises for easy enlightenment from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition.

They are as follows:

1. Practise meditating on Love and Compassion (Bodhichitta)

  •  Realize the inter-connectedness of All Living Beings.

2. Live like a Deity

  •  Learn to live like a playful, joyful, God or Goddess. (As in a tantric or divine theatre)
  • Leave your mind in the state of un-formed radiance. (The natural radiance of your mind and being)
  • Don’t let your mind get caught up in concepts or conceptuality.
  • Act as if you are radiant, joyful and without a fixed sense of self or ego identification

3.Practise being half-way between ‘what is and what is not’

  • Learn to poise the mind between complete belief in what you are experiencing – and complete dis-belief in what you’re experiencing
  • Things are not as they appear
  • Free yourself from Limitations, Attachments, Clinging and Fear

4. Rely on a qualified Teacher – There are four kinds

  1. The first and best of all is the Natural Teacher that’s always there within you, i.e. The Ultimate Nature of your own mind
  2. The Teacher which is your own experience Learn from your sufferings and joys
  3. The Teacher which is instruction This is everything you’ve ever read, heard or seen that offers teaching and has a transformative effect on you
  4. These ideas can come from: Art, Music, Philosophy, Science, Esoteric Wisdom, Religion, Meditation, Yoga, Nature and Inspiring Lives such as the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Amma , etc

5. The fifth practise for Easy Enlightenment is

  • Having a good motivation and attitude in everything you do and dedicating it to All Living Beings.

Here is a link to a video on this subject made by Glen Mullin,

I hope you enjoy watching it.


A Course in Miracles Self Help & Study Group

I am pleased to announce that the ACIM study and self help group meeting is on:

First Wednesday of each month from November 2012 through to 2013 starting at: 7.00pm till 9.00pmpm at my place.

There’s no charge for attending however all donations are welcome and places are limited.

I look forward to seeing you.

* * *

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