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Why Love is so essential

Baby AngelChildren and pets are a great teacher and reminder of love for us because of their natural innocence and connection with ‘oneness’, because of this they induce a response of love from within us, they remind us that’s it’s the little things that we easily overlook in each moment that are important.. My cat reminded me of this, she came up stood and stared at me in a certain way, I sensed the vibe and new she wanted a cuddle and that it was time to play, as I picked her up I felt a familiar warm glow and tingling sensation that spread out from my chest with a feeling of happiness and contentment; the cat purred.

In our busy life full of distractions and seeming important things to do we forget the very thing that gives any of this any value, meaning or worth and that is Love itself!  Love is the reason and motivation for anything if we stop and think about it, it is the reason for our striving to get, achieve, have or accomplish anything, why?  For the  purpose of enjoying something, someone, or some situation which would give us a certain ‘feeling’. That feeling is the movement or expansion of love within us.

There are really only two movements one is of contraction the other is expansion. Mean or wrong mindedness causes contraction, this therefore induces the need for more getting and having in an attempt to satisfy the craving and feeling of emptiness, this also promotes the belief in scarcity, lack, competition and fear.

Love on the other hand is an eternal emanation (with no end) from the ‘Source’ of all Life, it is ever full, abundant, rich, lasting and satisfying, the more love you give the more you receive, here giving and receiving become one and the same, because here is the recognition that all are ‘one’ and as you give to another you are giving to yourself.

Conversely when you with-hold or attack another you are really withholding and attacking yourself because from the ‘oneness’ perspective there is no separation and all are brothers and sons of the ‘One Source’. This is natural law in operation and not a religious or philosophical doctrine and therefore Love is the natural law of the Universe and of Creation.

We find difficult to appreciate this because our perceptions are primarily focused on the forms of the world which keep us constantly distracted and occupied, we give little consideration to the formless content of reality from which all ideas, imagination, thoughts and beliefs arise. We do not fully appreciate or even understand the power of universal mind behind our mind that enables us to manifest whatever we expect to see moment by moment and therefore give little consideration to what we are manifesting, let alone question the value of it!

When we do more fully appreciate the power of the mind to create for good or bad we may become more eager to learn to use it wisely and be more careful as to what we choose to invest our beliefs and attention on.

This may be one reason why Buddha taught the practice of mindfulness, an undisciplined and uncontrolled mind causes much suffering and misery not only to others but also to himself.  Much suffering could be avoided through proper understanding and use of the mind; he advocated the purification of the mind and Love and Compassion as a remedy for the misguided as this would eventually lead to happiness, joy and fulfillment for all.

Love induces a feeling or state within us, could it be that it stems from our natural condition, i.e. our natural state is of peace, bliss, happiness, contentment, joy and ‘oneness’ with the ‘source’. Could this therefore mean that we are not actually happy away from the awareness and experience of being with ‘source’? (Whatever that may mean to each one of us). What might this imply then about the conditions and the state we experience in this world?

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