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This world has taught many things

duguay - bridge wisdom childThis world has taught me many things; I have learnt how to be separate from God, the Source and provider of everything!

It has taught me how to be afraid, I have learnt about scarcity and lack, pain and sorrow, misery, suffering and violence. It has taught me about greed, selfishness, hate, resentment and envy.

I have learnt how to be small, insignificant and how to hide from the world so that I could fit in and be acceptable.

It has taught me many things, but mostly it has taught me how to forget God, my own True self and how to give up my faith and trust in the Truth.

I have been persuaded to give up my calm assurance, natural happiness, contentment, curiosity, joy and spontaneity for loneliness, lack and limitation.

This world has taught me the complete opposite of the Kingdom of Heaven through stark contrast.

None of these beliefs exist in the Kingdom of God, the son of God has almost completely forgotten his Father/Mother in Heaven and yet he clings to his belief in separation and the things of this world as if his life depended on it, his faith in struggle, strife and hardship are strong, it has become second nature to him and yet even though he suffers and is not at home here, he resists and fears waking up and returning home to his Father/Mother Source where he could find real sustenance, fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction.

He has forgotten how to be at peace and live with ease and grace, he has forgotten that his fellow men and women are his brothers and sister souls, also sons of God made in his image and likeness and therefore having the same power and potential to create life as God, as Christ and as Buddha and many others have taught and demonstrated.

Man has become blinded by the trinkets, false promises and idols of this world. However God and the Hosts of Heaven have responded and are tearing down the veils of illusion that separate God from man and have decreed that it is time for the prodigal sons to return home, no-longer will he be allowed to tarry in time while eternity beckons him to remember and realize his true destiny!

This world however in its contrast and need has summoned a response from the Higher Realms of Life and has also taught us about human values, honour, justice, truth, love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness; it has taught us about the latent gifts and qualities inherent within every human spirit.

The struggles have created a ‘need’ for an ‘answer and solution’ which brought forth these innate qualities and potential within mankind to be expressed and utilized within the Laws of Creation, inspiring the emergence of the God-man, further his evolution and make a leap to the next step of Human Consciousness where he will work consciously with Spirit and Ascended Beings of Light.

There is no longer a need to be fearful or pessimistic, eventually the tide of change will carry the whole of humanity forward to awaken with ease and grace or kicking and struggling depending on what each individual chooses for himself! The natural law of life for progress and evolution cannot be stopped we can only delay for a while, however it is our nature as part of creation to awaken and fulfil the immaculate conception and purpose of our creation in the mind of the God head.

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