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Whole One Wisdom

Whole One Wisdom

Cosmic Lotus by ECEve Care of ‘Whole One Wisdom’ Blogpost offers Useful information and practical help for learning and working with the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and integating the ‘I AM Presence’.

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Join Eve Care and myself on the radio at:

Sundays 9.00pm UK time and 1.00pm US west coast.

We will be talking about spiritual awakening, realizing the ‘I Am Presence’, working with the Ascended Masters and Angels, A Course in Miracles and offering practices and solutions to successfully navigate the pathway of awakening and Ascension.

Eve lives and works in Mount Shasta, California and has been working with the Ascended Masters for many years, she has many practical tools to share, to assist and maintain your progress to self realization and working with the Masters and Angels. Her website is:

I will offer my experience mainly through ACIM to help successfully navigate the barriers and hurdles that hold many back.

Together we will build a ‘Rainbow Bridge’ for anyone who desires to awaken to a greater more ‘Holistic’ life and experience freedom, satisfaction and the fulfillment of the Soul promise.
If this resonates with please feel free to join us