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Three Stages of Awakening

Never AloneWhen we begin to awaken to our true self the first aspect we have access to is the ‘ever present observer’(or ‘I AM Presence’) you have a sense of a part of your consciousness which is always awake and aware, it is not your every day awareness but an eternal witness of and through you.

The second aspect you become aware of, (if you are able to maintain focus and concentration for long enough), is that this watcher knows everything about you, your past, present and future, it has access to universal wisdom and intelligence and therefore all knowledge that you ask for can become available to you.

The third aspect of this ever present observer is power, it has the ability to dissolve and resolve all illusions, delusions and perceived problems, it can rearrange matter at the level of cause back into balance and harmony. This aspect cannot be fully attained or mastered until the first two levels have been mastered by which time you will have also mastered yourself by passing through many initiations, having proven yourself worthy, safe and reliable, and having aligned your whole being with and merged with the God factor.

These three aspects are more commonly known in esoteric philosophy as ‘omnipresence’, omniscience’ and omnipotence’.

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Special-ness and Separation

timthumb scales.phpThe ego (Edging God Out) wants to be the most ‘special’ and special-ness is synonymous with separation (or rather the belief in separation) from ‘Oneness’ or God; as it does not recognize another as like himself.

It is special-ness or the desire for separation and autonomy that maintains the illusion of separation and individuality.

Special-ness sees itself as different and apart from others and therefore sees them as a threat or potential threat; this is the prime cause for all conflicts.

A Course in miracles solution or healing for this situation is to change one’s perception, i.e. to see the Christ in everyone and ones’ self as the same and to undo the illusion of special-ness and separation from the ‘One Source’.