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Special-ness and Separation

on May 14, 2013

timthumb scales.phpThe ego (Edging God Out) wants to be the most ‘special’ and special-ness is synonymous with separation (or rather the belief in separation) from ‘Oneness’ or God; as it does not recognize another as like himself.

It is special-ness or the desire for separation and autonomy that maintains the illusion of separation and individuality.

Special-ness sees itself as different and apart from others and therefore sees them as a threat or potential threat; this is the prime cause for all conflicts.

A Course in miracles solution or healing for this situation is to change one’s perception, i.e. to see the Christ in everyone and ones’ self as the same and to undo the illusion of special-ness and separation from the ‘One Source’.


2 responses to “Special-ness and Separation

  1. Eve says:


    I’d like to add the link to this in one of my articles that I’ve just written with similar content!

  2. Happy to oblige, glad you like it!!!

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