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Change Your Mind – Change the world

Change your mind and change the world; the question then is do you believe this and if so what are you willing to do to make this happen? Most people would then say ‘how’ is this possible? Bridge from Dark to Light

It is possible because, ‘what you believe is what you perceive’; why? Because ‘energy flows where attention goes’! This is very important to remember because if you believe in a world of scarcity, lack, competition and strife that is literally what shows up for you, the world of energy literally moulds itself around your strongest and most deeply held thoughts and beliefs.

If you believe in a world of joy, beauty, friendship and goodness, however that will literally show up for you and you will see heaven on earth. This is one very good reason for everyone to wake up to this understanding and realize that the power is within them as latent human and divine potential. It’s time to take responsibility and become more mindful for your thoughts and realize they are all creative, there are no neutral thoughts you are either creating heaven or hell by what you believe.

Most people are well meaning they believe in causes like ending  war, hunger, poverty, injustice etc, however what many people do not realize is that by investing in these kinds of beliefs they are literally keeping them alive because of their power of attention on them, and just to recap what was said earlier, this is because, ‘energy flows where attention goes’, withdraw you attention, time and interest and these things having no basis in truth or reality will simply fade and dissolve; and how can this be so? This is because they are manmade concepts of the human mind and have temporary existence only, the mind and circumstances are constantly changing and as quoted in scripture ‘these too will pass away’.

Only that which comes from the source of all creation and is eternal and everlasting is true and real; and only that created in reality can bring any real and lasting satisfaction and joy.

It’s basically that simple, the only real practise then is to let go of temporary worldly beliefs that do not serve your highest good and happiness.

Another important point to remember is that as there is only one source and therefore only one reality which we call God everything created must be of its nature and likeness, so therefore mankind in his true nature must also be like the source or God like, and if this is so then only by being his true self can he be happy and fulfilled.

Many people find this difficult to believe let alone accept because they’ve been so hard wired to believe in what this world has taught them and this has become ingrained as habit patterns from birth onward, and so to most ‘seeing is believing’ not realizing that this belief was given to them, and therefore believing became perceiving; however just because most people believe it, it does not make it true. And so humanity has been persuaded to give up their truth as eternal, unlimited beings made in the likeness of God and has accepted limitation and lack instead, this is also what is referred to as the fall from grace; and so to fit in they have forgotten that they made this decision, then forgot that they forgot and so the pattern was set until they woke up.

For those who choose to wake up from this dream of separation from God or reality and choose to do whatever it takes to remember who they really are, they will transcend this illusion and their own I Am presence will contribute to the whole world waking up and establishing heaven on earth; This is also the fulfilment of the divine plan for every human spirit who made the promise to be truly helpful; and that at the appointed time they would heed the call and wake up.

The signs and the spirit are telling us that that time is now at hand, it’s time to give up childish things and be who you came to be! All are being called how many will choose to listen!

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The mechanics of Illusion

Recently I was asked to speak about the file drawer analogy as taught by Lency Spezzano on one of her YouTube training videos by Eve Care on the Freedoms Flame radio show, Control Thoughts at the time my mind went blank and I became a little anxious so instead of stopping and thinking about it calmly I tried to waffle my way through an explanation.  I now realise I experienced a sort of stage fright or performance anxiety which caused my mind to go blank, it’s a fight, flight or freeze defence mechanism that comes from an instinctive level of the mind and happens out of conscious control.

This instinctive or defensive reaction is also one reason why I and many people begin avoid or withdraw from situations and circumstances in life that could be perceived as potential threats, such as embarrassment or humiliation. This reaction to perceived threat usually begins in early childhood as it did with me, I felt embarrassed and humiliated in a situation involving others to which I felt helpless and my immature mind unable to handle the situation satisfactorily concluded that this was ‘bad’ and was to be avoided as my initial protests met with laughter and seeming ridicule, this was reinforced by similar situations that followed throughout my young life and were accompanied by a negative feeling of certainty which then resulted in a self limiting belief.  As I mistook feeling bad with ‘being bad’ I concluded that there must be something wrong with me, this then set up a pattern of thinking, believing and behaviours that began to run automatically throughout my life, until I began to challenge them.

Within all of us there is a desire to experience and express ourselves which is often thwarted by these sorts of limiting beliefs and avoidance which can and often does manifest as frustration, resentment, anger and other negative attitudes which we then learn to repress and suppress because they are socially unacceptable and this often leads to a life of ‘quite desperation, through denial, distraction and addictions as we try to compensate for our dissatisfaction, broken dreams and heartbreak, and while this is happening we become more and more dissociated and detached from our feelings both painful and pleasant, which leads to deadness and a movement away from the heart into the head, the seat of the ego.

This often results in using fantasies and addictions to seek pleasure rather than facing reality, a further movement away from life into withdrawal. Another strategy employed by  many which is socially acceptable is to work hard and keep busy, with the promise of happiness put off into a future timeline. There are other forms of distraction as well such as watching TV, sports, games or anything else that is done to excess.

These unresolved patterns are energies which remain unexpressed in the subconscious mind at a cellular level and build up over time, as mentioned they can manifest as outbursts of anger, rage and any other negative emotion and if ignored for long enough can become physical illness or dis-ease.

The real cause for all the apparent manifestations of our problem gets forgotten and buried under the layers of apparent complexity, confusion and problems, these show up as delays, distractions, reasons and excuses, the root cause of which is fear, ignorance of the truth and an unwillingness or inability to face reality and so therefore many people live in a world of illusions, or the world of the ego.

This is why we need help, like any problem we have to start by admitting we need help and be open to the possibility that what we are doing, thinking and believing may be wrong or at least undesirable and that there may be a better way! This is not about blaming anyone or anything but simply a prayer sent out as a thought to be shown a better way, every sincere request is answered and your mind begins to move away from the problem thinking into solution based thinking.

As you do this you begin to attract Universal intelligences that are eager to help through the ‘law of attraction’ and depending on your character and belief system this will show up in people, books and circumstances in life or as spiritual and metaphysical beings, such as angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, the holy spirit the higher self or whatever  form appeals to each individual.

This process also requires mind training to give you the knowledge, understanding and tools to progress as well as a process of unlearning what this world has taught in the form of thinking and belief patterns in the mind which causes you to react rather than respond with wisdom.

A  Course in Miracles says ‘you are never upset for the reasons that you think you are, you are upset because you see something that isn’t there’!  It also goes on to say that, ‘every problem is a perception problem’! That is the real problem is the way in which we see the world, because this determines the meaning we give to things and therefore the way we react to them.

The way to correct all mis-perceptions is to see them in the light of ‘Truth’, truth dispels all illusions therefore every perceived problem comes down to one question, ‘is it true or false’.

A Course in Miracles also says that all of humanity’s problems comes down to one thing, the belief in separation from ‘Oneness’, the source or God, whatever term you prefer to use, which in reality is impossible for in truth no-one can separate from their source or origin because there cannot be another, there is only one absolute state from which ‘all’ arose, so there can only exist a ‘belief’ rather than an ‘actuality’ that separation is so.

Mankind however arising from Source must be endowed with the same qualities and potential as it, therefore his creative power to manifest projects a world from the images in his mind which he then see’s in the outer world and therefore (in his mind) seeing is believing falls for his own illusions and in time forgets his original state of being and natural inheritance as a manifestation of source or God. However his power and potential is not lost merely mis-directed.

In this world he sees himself as a victim of circumstances because as ‘you believe so shall you perceive’ and suffers the consequence of such beliefs as they also seem to provide the evidence which makes it difficult to see through the illusions, they seem and feel real, we do not realise that projection leads to perception, and perception leads to projection which keeps reinforcing the process moment to moment, and it becomes automatic as we keep sending the same information to the habit level of the mind, until we change our minds!

ACIM also says that all our problems are in-fact a defence against love or God because of the deep feelings of guilt and fear of retribution produced from the belief in separation, which we then attempted to hide from in this world of form and busy-ness.

Everything in the world of ego or illusion arises and passes away as energy and interest in them fades or is withdrawn, seen in this light their un-reality becomes apparent and their power to hurt, upset or cause any real damage is seen as impossible, the body or our feelings can seem to be hurt but this in-fact is not true, the mind perceives pain or pleasure depending on the ‘meaning’ that it gives to what it believes is happening. The spirit or the true self remains completely untouched and unaffected, however the soul or the individuality makes little progress in reality as the mind seems to loop round and round, over and over again in the same old patterns of negativity and illusion. This has no effect in eternity but in the world of illusions is quite tragic and causes unnecessary suffering and misery and the messages of distress are received by the higher mind.

God the Universal intelligence is constantly emanating its will, power and love throughout its whole Universe and is aware when his creations are not receiving it. This is a Universe of feeling, energy and consciousness, it is highly sensitive and man is made in the image and likeness of it, although in miniature, i.e. the microcosm to the macrocosm.

It takes courage and willingness to face the mis-perceptions and distortions we have buried in the subconscious and unconscious mind. These are the causes of all problems; most people treat the symptoms rather than the real cause which are the perceptions in the mind. They can be perceived in two ways; the first is that the world is a terrible place, full of problems in the form of lack, scarcity, deprivation, competition etc, etc, and we seem to see the evidence of that around us; or secondly it can be seen as an opportunity to awaken, change and heal, either way life is mirroring back to us what we believe.

ACIM is one of the opportunities provided which brings forth answers and solutions for personal and collective healing, it reminds us ‘that nothing unreal exists and nothing real can be threatened, herein lies the peace of God’.

If you are willing to see the truth in every situation you experience in your life and you have real faith and trust in the power of truth it will miraculously be transformed and resolved as your mis-perceptions are changed and healed by the power and light of awareness of your own true self, higher mind, I am presence, holy spirit, call it whatever you will, but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will set you free.

All illusions fall away and dissolve in the light of truth as shadows disappear when the light is turned on and they are seen as having no reality what so-ever. Your happiness and liberation is guaranteed when you choose to accept the truth and there are many hosts of beings from higher realms ready and willing to assist you in every endeavour of your life, your victory is assured and your happiness is guaranteed on receipt of your willingness to accept it, that’s all it takes, be steadfast in your willingness to do whatever it takes and you will be freed from your own self made imprisonment and captivity of your own mind.

Change your mind and the feelings will automatically change, where there was certainty about the bad feelings it will be replaced by lightness and joy, doubt will be replaced by true certainty and confidence, you will learn to know yourself as you truly are, a magnificent Son made in the image and likeness of the creator, eternal, immortal, invincible, beyond the wildest belief and imaginings of the paltry egoic mind which pales in comparison to the true self, your mighty I AM Presence, the Christ within you.

It is only a matter of time until there is no need for time for then you will exist in eternity having fulfilled your promise, purpose and potential and naturally ascend to your elevated state of Oneness with all things and all life, seen and unseen. A state of mind that as yet remains largely in potential within you, but which is nevertheless making it’s presence felt and known more and more to you as it dawns inevitably within your consciousness, unstoppable and certain in it’s outcome.

Blessings to all.

Copyright 2013 Anthony Cocco. All Rights Reserved.

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Levels of Mind explained

The mind to many seems like something complex and difficult to comprehend, however in essence it’s really quite simple as it has originated from the ‘One’ source or rather there is only ‘One’ mind appearing as many. ACIM pic & saying 1

Many people are confused because they mis-identify themselves with the body, feelings, thoughts and beliefs and this is where apparent complexity and confusion arises, because this world of thoughts and beliefs has endless seeming diversity of all kinds and seen from this perspective can only lead to confusion, conflict, competition and overwhelm etc, as well as all the myriad of things that cause stress.

These activities in reality all divert the minds attention from the only reality which exists and that is ‘now’, the present moment.

Two reasons many people go into distraction in the world of appearances is; one because in the now is also where feeling is, pleasant and unpleasant and two the thought system in this world is built upon activity, production and the values of materialism.

However in the ‘Oneness’ which is the natural state of the mind there is no form or matter as we are used to it exists in perpetual state of potential, presence and awareness, it also has the qualities of perfect peace, bliss, joy and fullness.

The world of form is what is regarded in eastern philosophy as God’s Leela or play; God creates out of joy and out of its own nature and for no reason other than That.

Why else would anyone want to manifest anything other than for pleasure or benefit? Think about why you strive for the things you pursue in life, are they not for the benefit of enjoyment for yourself, your family and community?

To manifest something in this world you first have a desire, an idea that becomes a thought which becomes a thought form, which becomes a feeling, it’s successful manifestation depends on the amount of attention and feeling energy you give it, plus how much belief you have that it is attainable, this is where most people have problems because as you think and believe so will you receive and many if not most people have all kinds of issues about what they can have due to self worth, scarcity, competition and all kinds of self limiting beliefs.

People generally believe that the world is ‘out there’ and therefore they have to go out to ‘get’ what they believe they need to survive.

This is seen as the prevailing thinking in this world; however it does not make it true just because the majority of the population might believe it is.

This world is only the outer appearance, mirror or manifestation of your inner world or inner reality, it shows up as you think and believe it is, and this reflection is also the seeming evidence or proof of what you believe, because ‘as you believeth so shall you see.’

If you are happy with what you have in life and the way things are going fine! Keep doing what you are doing if it is in alignment with your ‘Truth’, if not then maybe there is room for improvement, this requires changing your mind about what you believe about life and what you think you know!

What you think you know is what you have been taught by the belief system of this world and is often described as the ‘ego’ thought system. This thought system having no basis in reality itself is based on perceptions, perceptions are based on form, forms are changeable and therefore have no real or lasting existence, only ‘Oneness and formlessness’ is real and everlasting it is also the stable foundation and source of everything, because this world is constantly shifting and changing it has no stability or foundation and therefore leads to the sense of uncertainty, even anxiety, if it is mis-understood as being reality.

Only reality itself can give and maintain that sense of peace, stability and safety that is necessary for a happy and fulfilling life. It also provides for increasing confidence which leads to real faith and trust in the Source or God.

To achieve this state requires unlearning what this world has taught and mind training to establish a different pattern of thinking, believing and behaving as described in A Course in Miracles.

When you choose to embark on this type of venture the Universe or elements of the ‘Oneness’ is drawn to you by your desire, this is the ‘Law of attraction’ in action, and this assistance arrives in forms that suite you character, mentality and belief system and therefore will assume the form of entities such as Angels, saints, guides, Masters or Intuition, etc. It could loosely then be referred to as the activity of the Holy Spirit.

The mind is generally seen as having three basic levels; the conscious everyday awareness or surface level; the subconscious level which is below conscious awareness and where all of the thoughts and feelings during this life are stored and the Unconscious level of the mind which is deep and vast and merges with the collective unconscious and Universal Mind; within it are what Jung termed the Archetypal thought forms of positive and negative, light and shadow; this merges ultimately with the ‘Oneness’ Mind.

Only the conscious mind goes to sleep as the mind itself never stops it is always active. In addition to the three primary levels there are seven sub-Levels of Mind in mystic philosophy, starting with the most primitive and working up they are as follows:

The Vegetable Mind

As the most primary it operates at a cellular level, it is simple and primitive, and is primarily concerned with maintaining the physical body.

The Instinctive Mind

It has characteristics which are akin to those of the animal kingdom; its primary concern is for survival, protection, meeting basic needs and reproduction. It is between these two levels that cellular memory is retained such as pleasure or pain; it is also reactive as in fight or flight, as it does not know fact from fiction and simply accepts whatever the conscious mind thinks as reality.

The Habit Mind

It takes care of all the mundane, every day functions and habitual activities that we take for granted without our need for conscious intervention and allows us to pursue other interests. It has the ability to learn slowly but is also slow to change.

As it’s habitual it requires concerted effort and attention to change a habit pattern, however with practise, awareness and help from higher consciousness it becomes easier and quicker.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is where our thinking and reasoning abilities are most apparent; within it there is the ability for Self-awareness as opposed to merely being aware of outer conditions. Its other primary function is making choices. Depending on where its attention is, it is aware of internal or external stimuli acting and reacting within it.

With practise such as meditation, awareness and concentration it can be expanded to become more aware of the sub-conscious and even Unconscious patterns and therefore be in a position to influence change in them.

The minds energy flows where the attention goes to re-inforce the existence of whatever is being perceived.

The Intellect

Also known as the “Bhuddi” in eastern philosophy, has within it the higher thinking and reasoning faculties, it is mainly interested in creative endeavours such as art, music and culture and spirituality.  It can be utilised for altruistic or selfish purposes.

The Intuition

This has qualities such as ‘inner knowing,’ from it can come inspiration, brilliant ideas and genius due to its close association with the Super-Conscious Mind. Through it an individual can receive guidance and inspiration either from the higher mind or from an entity such as an ascended master, angel, spirit guide or even from the God Head itself.

Super-Conscious, Christ Consciousness or Universal Mind

The Super-Conscious Mind contains “all that is known” and all the powers associated with that. It is populated by Ascended beings of Light who are completely at one with the Universal Mind or ‘Oneness’. It transcends time and space and is in the realm of eternity; it is from this level that miracles on these material levels are performed as it transcends the physical laws existent here.

The seven Mind levels are each associated with energy centres known as “chakras” and their associated energy bodies. As the mind associated to a particular energy centre grows and develops through worldly stimulus and interactions so also develops the energy centre and the latent powers, potentials and abilities within them.

The seven levels basically constitute the Conscious, the sub-conscious and the unconscious levels of mind that we are more familiar with.

The different levels have been and are being developed through the process of evolution and through challenges and experiences of every day mental, emotional, physical and material life; humanity learns, grows and develops until he masters many qualities, virtues of character, talents and skills from the inner resources that are latent within him as human and divine potentials.

Mankind therefore is awakening to the realization that he is much more than he once believed himself to be and this causes a shift of perception and his understanding of what is now becoming possible, whatever he can conceive and believe he can achieve and the possibility for growth and expansion is unlimited and is hindered only by his own limiting beliefs and habits.

Dealing with the subconscious mind

The levels of mind below consciousness can be generally thought of as the subconscious mind and although the subconscious mind is powerful and runs all the bodily systems, habits and patterns of behaviour, it does not have the ability to reason or discern for itself and accepts whatever beliefs are held within the mind, therefore it is receptive and easily influenced by strong will, determination and emotion. This is one reason why sportsman can temporarily psyche themselves up and transcend limitations.

With regular practise, strong will, determination and persistence we can overcome any feeling or limiting belief that we have held. If we add to this what we are passionate about and what is really important we can accomplish much more than we think, it is important then to discern the truth for oneself and what it is that we truly want to be, do, or have in  our lives.

The Power is within

The power and the Universe is within You, just as the oak tree is within the acorn as latent potential, given the right care, nurturing and environment it’s nature naturally emerges through the ‘Law of emergence’; you cannot improve on that which you are already, but you can create favourable internal conditions in mind and body to welcome that which is inherent and always trying to emerge through You.

Recognising our true selves or the ‘I AM Presence and living our lives consistently in accordance with that awareness is probably the most challenging thing humanity at present has to accomplish however the rewards in terms of value, satisfaction and fulfilment are boundless and well worth the effort for achieving a happy, productive and prosperous life for all.

Healing the shadow

One of the most effective ways of dealing with the shadow, darkness or negativity in the world is by shining the light of awareness and learning to heal, accept and manage it within ourselves.

As we heal it within ourselves it is healed within our families, friends, close associates, community and the world in general.

As more and more people understand and do this work it will be seen in the outer environment and show up in people’s awareness and attitudes.

If we can accept and understand the world around us is a projection of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs and that we are the projector of these thoughts, it then makes sense that changes must first begin within each and everyone of us.

Fighting or struggling with something is like adding fuel to the fire, the energy attention and belief invested in it keeps it alive, energy flows where the attention goes, this is how the law of attraction works, the stronger your belief in something positive or negative the more it shows up in your life.

We are all in conflict with our own shadows created by our thoughts and long held beliefs, they have no basis in reality they fade and dissolve naturally without our energy of attention to keep them alive only that which has it’s basis in truth and reality continues and it is for all of us to discern for ourselves what that truth is.

The human ego is a construct of thoughts and beliefs it can be transcended and transmuted by putting your attention and interest on higher more noble thoughts which are in alignment with the natural and universal laws of creation.

As mankind learns to be more mindful, lighten up and stop taking his manifestations so seriously he realises that all thoughts are like passing clouds that come and go he can then choose thoughts that enhance and elevate all life instead of as many people do, based in habit, fear, lack and limitation.

There is a quote that says, ‘man know thyself’ and another, that say’s ‘the truth shall set you free’. So mans eternal search for happiness, meaning and purpose ultimately comes down to this, The Truth.

 Copyright 2013 Anthony Cocco. All Rights Reserved.

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