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The bottom line about your existence!

on October 16, 2013

ACIM Quote nothing real...          1.       There is only ‘one’ Source,   Mind, called God. There cannot be another apart from that.

         2.       You and every ‘one’ else emerged or appeared from the ‘One’ Mind.

         3.       You appear to be a separate individual with your own autonomy, this is an illusion, (you are dreaming of separation) you have forgotten who and what you really are and have not woken yet.

4.       When you see another you are seeing an aspect of your own mind, plus all the meanings, beliefs and feelings you have associated with it.

5.       The ‘whole’ world is in your mind and out there is like a movie screen; you project the images from your mind out onto it and then react as if they are real.

6.       When you love another you are loving a part of your own mind.

7.       When you hate someone or something you are hating a ‘thought’ or part of your own mind.

8.       When you have anger or attack thoughts towards another you are only really attacking your own mind and therefore the only one you are really hurting is ‘you’.

9.       Before you see another, you see an impression of them in your own mind, plus all the associated thoughts, beliefs, and feelings first, you do not see who they ‘really’ are, you see who you ‘think’ they are based on ‘past’ impressions.

10.   When you are reacting as if another is attacking you in some way, you are really reacting to a thought or belief you hold in your mind about yourself and what it means, this thought has a feeling associated with it and has nothing to do with ‘reality’, because it’s happening in your own mind, only.

11.   The original belief in separation from ‘Oneness’ engendered fear and guilt, before that they did not exist and only exist now as a belief.

12.   Thoughts, beliefs and perceptions are temporary and changeable; Reality is eternal and endures through all changes in time.

13.   ‘Oneness’ is your natural state of mind and being, maintaining the belief or illusion of separation entails great strain and effort.

14.   Eventually all will awaken to the awareness of ‘Oneness’.


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