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You cannot run or hide from your problems

on November 10, 2013

ACIM quote I do not understand...You cannot run or hide from the problems in your own mind in the horizontal axis, i.e. ‘out there’; wherever you go there you are and your troubles go with you because they are in your own mind. But you can rise above the battle ground if you go vertically and look down on the conflict, you can rise to the ‘peace of God’ and look upon your illusions and decide to let them go, let them be different and know that there is a better way, a better way that will be shown to you by your higher mind.

It is not the doing of things that is the problem it is the resistance to the thoughts and beliefs  about them that causes strain, struggle and effort, if you give up the idea of strain,  struggle and ‘thought idol’ you worship the doing becomes easy even effortless.

You battle only with your own idol and illusory thoughts and not reality itself. Doing activity is neutral in itself and has no resistance, strain or struggle only the thought in mind about it being so makes it painful. Give up these thoughts to God and let him show you a better way. You are entitled to the ‘peace of God’ at any time it is always available to you, you choose heaven or hell in every moment, if you truly want to be happy you must give up hell and attack thoughts.

Strain, struggle, difficulty and therefore laziness comes from resentment, which is itself just a thought and ultimately who are you resentful towards? The answer is God and therefore your own True Self, because you are part of that Source called God and therefore any attack must be self attack, and if there is no separation between you and the Source of creation who is there to attack? It can only be a thought and therefore the pain and suffering you experience is always self inflicted.

Mindfulness is the practice of watching your own mind for attack thoughts in order to let them go through ‘forgiveness’. Hence why no-one ever did anything to you that you did not ask for and was not already doing to yourself, only in your deluded state of mind could this happen. Awakening enables you the freedom to make better informed choices, such as the choice for heaven and the Grace of God.

Note: (Idols are the images or pictures in our minds with associated feelings, emotions and meanings that we hold about people, places, conditions and circumstances in our lives. These are what are referred to in the bible as idols before God or false gods. The more meaning they have for us either positive or negative the more they affect and influence us and hence disturb our peace of mind).

If you would like to start ‘A Course in Miracles’ study group in your area I will be pleased to help you get started, with skype distance is no problem, just leave your email address and details and I will get back to you asap. Anthony


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