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The aim of ‘A Course in Miracles’

ACIM Quote nothing real...The aim of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is to remove the blocks and barriers to the awareness of Loves presence as your natural state and train the mind to remember it’s true nature and how to live in its natural state of ‘Oneness’, ‘harmony’ and ‘peace’!

This state is natural to every human soul and is therefore applicable to everyone who is born into this world and has been taught and conditioned out of this natural state and into accepting and believing that he is a separate individual who has to fit in and survive in a world of scarcity, lack and limitation.

This prevailing belief system we call the ‘ego’ is driven by fear and enforced by man-made laws, rules and controls and not by natural law or justice.

The ‘Source’ from which all has emerged however is in a state of ‘Oneness’ it is whole and complete, full, abundant and ever expansive it does not experience any separation, lack or loss of any kind, it alone is real, eternal, constant, everlasting and ever present in all things, it supplies all the energy and impetus for creation and manifestation and as the real source, everything is of its nature and likeness including mankind, this implies that man in order to be fulfilled must act and behave in harmony with his real nature or suffer the consequences.

Everything experienced in the world of form is temporary and transient and sooner or later must pass away and this is also true of all the thoughts and beliefs that we have in our minds eventually they must give way to ultimate truth.

ACIM tells us that this world is old, tired and worn out, it holds no reality and it never really satisfied because it is based in illusions, it is a dream world, the only thing that is ever real is that which is of love which is the essence of ‘Source’.

This is a world of duality which holds two diametrically opposite thought systems in mind, that of the ego which is the belief in separation from ‘Oneness’ and that of ‘Oneness’ where harmony, peace and the state of heaven exists.

At some point every human soul begins to wake up to this realization, he realizes that this world is full of empty promises, pain, disillusionment and disappointment. However having been well learned it is not so easy to give up and the individual needs help, this is what ACIM was provided for it is a course to gradually train the mind to unlearn all the false beliefs and habits of this world that do not bring happiness and re-learn and remember his natural state of being and inheritance as an unlimited being with a great potential and a real purpose to fulfil in life that leads to real happiness, joy, fulfilment and peace.

Many still live in fear and denial of the truth but this is not the plan of God for mankind, fear holds a strong influence over the ego conditioned mind, however it cannot endure when the light of truth dawns in the mind simply because it is false and has no reality, it has been learned and is only a belief and beliefs can and do change all the time, they naturally and easily fade and die when you withdraw your attention and investment in them, they are like waking from a bad dream and seen for what they really are ‘nothing at all’.

It then becomes possible to understand the statement in ‘ACIM’ that, ‘nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God’.

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