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Immersion into ‘A Course in Miracles’

The month of October has been an opportunity for me to immerse myself deeply into the teachings and principles of ‘A Course in Miracles’.

Pool Group_2014Firstly through the weekend retreat at Keshentos house in Poole where we experienced what it’s like to live in an ACIM community 24/7 and watch what arises in the mind for healing and forgiveness.
And again in an even more deep way at the 5 day Ireland Retreat with David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles Team. Where we experienced a deep immersion with approximately 30 participants, living and sharing everything from 7.30 in the morning to often well after 11.30 at night.

Everyone was assigned tasks which included working in the kitchen, my main tasks were assisting the seating arrangements in the library for the different events throughout the day and being part of the Tech team that filmed and made audio recordings of the talks.
(This also included whatever process I was going through myself).

A typical day (if there was such a thing) began after breakfast. There were four groups with a facilitator and we would have expression sessions which brought up issues and concerns of participants which formed the basis of the talks and set the patterns for the retreat.

The group facilitators would then describe the themes that came up in the sessions at the morning gathering with David and the other messengers. These sessions went on until lunch time usually around 1pm.
Lots of discussions went on at the dinner table however, and up until 3pm there were opportunities to rest, walk, perform tasks or have private sessions with one of the messengers.

From 3pm to 5 or 6pm there were other activities or talks, one such example was a talk, demonstration and exercise from the Mystical Mind Training programme that is offered by the Living Miracles Community which used clips from movies, self inquiry exercises and songs etc.

From 7pm to 11 or 11.30 there was usually a movie from the ‘Movie Watchers Guide to Enlightenment’ which uses movies as way to look at thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise for mind watching, releasing and forgiving, this is accompanied by a talk and explanation of what themes or issues to look for by David or one of the messengers.
The week was full on and intensive but it’s amazing how quickly one can adapt because everything is done for one purpose only, to heal the mind, remember your True Authentic Self and follow your Inner Guidance which knows what is truly best for you.

The process allows one to unravel from the attachments, restrictions and limitations of the ego so that you can begin to liberate yourself and live life in joy with your mighty companions who all want the same thing.
David Hoffmeister is one such individual and a living demonstration who has taken ACIM all the way and lives the teachings and principles completely.
It was my privilege and pleasure to be invited to sing a few songs at the end of my 5 days. Tony at Ireland Retreat 2014 You can listen to the closing songs on Youtube at:

All the talks can be listened to on Spreaker or you can find the Links on David Hoffmeisters Facebook page at:



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