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2015 – A Year of introspection

Source: 2015 – A Year of introspection

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2015 – A Year of introspection

Child praying causes miraclesIt’s been a while since my last article was posted and there are many reasons why this has been so. Since 2011 and when I first began posting on this  site I have been building towards a point where I could be consistent in myself and what I delivered.

My outer activities have increased as well as that which was being demanded from myself, (which also included my own personal lesson practises). In July 2012 I realised that in order to achieve my personal goals plus that which ‘A Course in Miracles’ was asking I would have to commit to daily practises of the principles in the Course.  I realised that this would be quite a committment and that it could not be taken lightly, it was one thing talking about the teachings and having an intellectual understanding, it was quite another actually putting them into practise consistently in daly life. As is stated often in the Course the requirement is to accept the ‘atonement’ and lesson for oneself.

Things intensified as I felt my ego becoming more challenged and resistant. During the end of 2014 I attended several ACIM retreats with the Living Miracles Community which proved to be pivitol events for me, however the straw that broke the camels back came in February when I hosted a retreat at my home which for me was so personal and intense, exposed all my weaknesses and plunged me deeper into myself denial than I’d ever consciously been willing to go before that it took months of introspection and healing with the Holy Spirit before my balance and confidence began to return.

Throughout 2015 I have been guided to the teachings of Regina Dawn Akers who taught about her own experiences, from Holy Spirit Guides, New Testament Interpretation and Inner Ramana, these spoke to me so personally and were direct answer to my own concerns that it seemed like another miracle was answering my prayer and need at the time.

Also during this period in January I discovered James Twyman’s ACIM Workbook lessons to music which enabled me to do the daily lessons which I had been avoiding. I enjoyed them so much I often felt inspired to record some of the lessons to music myself which has resulted in over forty recordings many of which I have turned into video format and posted on YouTube.

Most of 2015 has been a time of going within deepening my understanding of True healing of the mind through forgiveness of myself and others. I realised that to be truly peaceful, happy and fulfilled required a daily committment and level of determination which had been lacking, the Holy Spirit teachings encourages us to ask for and develop a Willingness and Trust for the True inner guidance that we all can learn to follow and to stop listening to the false guidance of the ego that has led to misery, suffering and disappointment.

I have learnt that it is a choice that we make from moment to moment and that the mind can and must eventually be trained to do this in order to be liberated, i.e. to watch your own thinking and through awareness change your mind about yourself and the world, as the Course says, ‘every problem is a perception problem’.

I will speak more about the ACIM principles and share other thoughts on the awakening process later but for now I thought I would give you a link to one of the videos I posted on YouTube. Each one has a message and was designed as an affirmation to music to help re-educate the mind, music has a feeling component to it and repetition is the way the sub-conscious mind learns, as this part of the mind is habitual.

This is the first recording I made and includedes the first seven lessons in the workbook which are the foundation of the teachings.

Lessons 1 to 7  Please enjoy and leave a comment if you like.


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